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Trying to buck a little tradition, these gents use new oak instead of once-used bourbon barrels. As a result, it tasted much like my learning lessons of aging spirits in small barrels at home.

Smooth well balanced. Good finish. Overall pretty good.

The rum is not bad but like others before me said it is really close to whisky to me. Unfortunate Ballast Point has dismissed all of its spirits i was told so there will not come a older one soon. That is also the reason why i bought a bottle. I think over 40$ for this rum is a little bit pricy. The nose stings at first but then you get the barrel and somehow sweet. The taste is like the nose first a punch an then you can the barrel and it is just smooth enough to be nice.

Taste is, of course, personal, and this one didn't suit mine. With all due respects to the other reviewers, I did not like this. I gave it a 5. It's a bit course. I think I sense the vanilla much after the burn and hint of Bourbon.
It was inexpensive - $13.( It was on the shelf without a price tag. The supermarket clerk could not find the item in its computerized inventory. He called in his supervisor who said charge him $12.99 ) I'll mix it with something and move on. After I purchased it I realized my bargain. I don't think it's worth the $38 tag I've seen online. Again, taste is personal, Cheers

A lot of heat belied by the expected rum character on the nose. You can tell this has spent some time in a bourbon barrel. A good friend who drinks as much whiskey as rum preferred this to the Zacapa in his cabinet. As another reviewer stated, it drinks 'young.' But it has a lot of character. Does not drink like the sweeter sipping rums out there - drinks more like a single malt IMO. As a sipping rum, I'd have to give it a '7.' But on the flip side, it SINGS in any decent mai tai mix, which really brings out the roasted caramel notes that are otherwise somewhat hidden by the barrel aging process. This aspect alone elevates it to a solid '8' IMO.

Still a little young tasting. The burn on the Finnish is still a little ethanol.

This rum is decent for a bourbon aged rum.

Sugarcane, vanilla, honey, spice, oak, bourbon, and tobacco. In my opinion, the bourbon aging is a bit much, but it's still decent, as it retains a hint of good rum sweetness.

Three sheets barrel aged rum 400px b