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They take pride in that this is made from (rapidura?) sugar instead of molasses, for a cleaner spirit. They succeed in the cleanliness, but I feel the taste lacks for it. I don't get any of the regular pot still character that I would expect. It's like the Stevia version of rum. Made from the sugar, but tastes... different.

Light silver clear color. Really taste the sugar. Not molasses. A little more harsh but would taste great in a good mixed drink.

Clean. That's how I'd describe it. Nice warm, almost coconut tones on the nose, but tbh, I haven't had this outside of a mojito. It's a very pleasant, high-quality clear rum, but I think a '7' is about as good as a white rum can get - so grading this on a curve, it would be a '9.' But compared to all the fine dark rums available, I just don't see it as any higher than a '6' or maybe a '7.'