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I have yet to find another white rum that even comes close to this. This rum is an amazing addition to a fresh lemonade and has a great flavor to it. Not too strong or divisive, this is always a party favorite.

Sweet, smooth with some floral and fruity notes. Nice, inexpensive white rum that can be enjoyed both ways. Price is nice at roughly $20.
One of the better white rums without paying double for higher quality rums comparable to it. Should be a house white staple!

Smooth texture, floral notes and a hint of sweetness. Great in daiquiri or mai tai. Everyone of my friends are hooked on this. Great price point

I went to the store for some cheap white rum for mixing. I usually by flor de cana extra dry. Picked this up on a whim, hey I like turtles and nudity. It was $20 for a 1.75l and it's really good. Some sweetness, vanilla and coconut nose and pretty well balanced flavor. I probably wouldn't drink it neat but it mixes well with coke and also coconut water. Good find!

Sweet and smooth. Best with crushed ice, Dasani coconut pineapple flavoring and water in a Kysek or Yeti cup.

Tried this rum after I read reviews here. Didn't disappoint - I can think of a better way to spend $11.00. I drink rum as a mixer - fantastic smooth and easy drinking. I recommend.

As a white rum, this is pretty hard to beat. While I wouldn't buy this to drink neat, you certainly could. I got a bottle of this on clearance at Walmart for less than 12 bucks. It has been sitting on my bar unopened for months. What a mistake. On the nose, a sleight alcohol and strong vanilla. In the mouth, not complicated, smooth, sweet, right on cusp of being very sweet, but not syrupy, and again strong vanilla. Maybe a hint of coconut. Some alcohol burn, but not overpowering. Consistent through the aftertaste. Given it's sweetness, I would be interested to know the sugar in it. Regardless, this is a quality white rum, and as a mixer you just can't go wrong with it. This may just become my full time white mixer rum.


Nose- alcohol, sugar, coconut, vanilla. I read elsewhere cream soda and that is very accurate.
Taste- smooth, sugar, coconut and some alcohol burn. Syrup. A good fairly long aftertaste too.

Pretty nice for an unaged rum.

Sugar test- ?


just really smooth white rum... no overpowering flavor (good or bad), almost no burn drinking it straight... nicely balanced and well priced. I like it.

I had this in florida at captain curts,on seista key..i like it with 7-up and lime.

Naked turtle white rum 400px b