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Tried this rum after I read reviews here. Didn't disappoint - I can think of a better way to spend $11.00. I drink rum as a mixer - fantastic smooth and easy drinking. I recommend.

As a white rum, this is pretty hard to beat. While I wouldn't buy this to drink neat, you certainly could. I got a bottle of this on clearance at Walmart for less than 12 bucks. It has been sitting on my bar unopened for months. What a mistake. On the nose, a sleight alcohol and strong vanilla. In the mouth, not complicated, smooth, sweet, right on cusp of being very sweet, but not syrupy, and again strong vanilla. Maybe a hint of coconut. Some alcohol burn, but not overpowering. Consistent through the aftertaste. Given it's sweetness, I would be interested to know the sugar in it. Regardless, this is a quality white rum, and as a mixer you just can't go wrong with it. This may just become my full time white mixer rum.


Nose- alcohol, sugar, coconut, vanilla. I read elsewhere cream soda and that is very accurate.
Taste- smooth, sugar, coconut and some alcohol burn. Syrup. A good fairly long aftertaste too.

Pretty nice for an unaged rum.

Sugar test- ?


I have yet to find another white rum that even comes close to this. This rum is an amazing addition to a fresh lemonade and has a great flavor to it. Not too strong or divisive, this is always a party favorite.

just really smooth white rum... no overpowering flavor (good or bad), almost no burn drinking it straight... nicely balanced and well priced. I like it.

I had this in florida at captain curts,on seista key..i like it with 7-up and lime.