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85 Plantation Barbados XO 20th Anniversary ratings

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One of my favorites, very sweet and a very distinct flavor of coconut. Simply really smooth and enjoyable straight up.

As far as I can see this is the same as the "Plantation XO 20th Anniversary" found on this site, so I'm giving the same rating on both.

Over a year ago I reviewed Plantation XO from Barbados. I was excited when I found it at a big liquor warehouse. But it was a different bottle and different experience. Sill a very good rum. But not as I reviewed in 2015. Until now I hadn't realized the bottle that showed up in my review cabinet was not what I had reviewed.

I'm posting a photo showing both bottles. I'm still not sure what the difference is? Both are 20th anniversary edition. Both are XO but no specific age. Both are Barbados rum. Reading all the reviews of both bottles, it appears that many reviews 'may' be posted under the incorrect bottle design. There's no way to know it, unless you really study the bottle but the details are the same. If anyone has addressed this I haven't seen it. I'll probably start a new forum thread in search of an explanation.

The rum I Prefer and gave a 9 to is the shorter, squater bottle without the string/rope mesh around the bottle.

The bottle with the mesh is slightly less sweet. It is darker, than the honey gold of the shorter bottle. It doesn't have as much complexity. It's still a decent sipper but falls short of great.

Here's my original review. It is for the shorter, squater, empty:-( bottle on the left.

This is a very complex rum. It's not overly sweet and through the aging process used it does share some characteristics of Cognac. There is a fair amount of oak for a rum. Vanilla, caramel and I think I'm picking up coconut and even chocolate. There's no burn and a long finish. If you're going to spend the money know your rums or you won't appreciate this as much as it deserves!


Smooth, warm and delicious! Exceptional value. Great neat or an ice cube.

Best sweet rum so far, better than diplomatico reserva in my opinion.

This rum is just perfect for me, its is smooth, sweet, with almost no burn. It beats appleton estate, wich is much more expensive. Really good sipping rum!!

Süsse: 8/10
Würze: 8/10
Frucht: 7/10
Milde: 9/10

Picked this beauty up while in Barbados a couple of months ago. Not sure I have ever sampled a rum aged in french wine casks.

In a word, decadent. Insanely smooth from start to finish, not chewy as sweeter rums can be and not gaggingly dry. This belongs on the same shelf with the world's greatest digestifs. I will weep win this bottle is no more.

I love Plantation Rums. And this one is by far the best one. It's smooth and sweet and it's so tasty. I could have one right now. I tried more expensive Rums, but they weren't as good as the XO.

I love Plantation Rums. This rum has great rummy taste, caramel, vanilla in body and finishes nice. For price I tend to drink Diplomatico Reserva Exclusive, Ron Zacapa Solera and Rumson's Grand Reserve more. I prefer them a bit more and half the price, but this rum is still fantastic. I also love the 5 year old Barbados version for a great deal.

Perfekt! Der ganze Geruch und Geschmack der Karibik in einem Glas Rum!

A very easy and sweet rum: ripe fruit and coconut, with some vanilla. One of my favourites!

Heel lekker, zacht, prefect na een zware maaltijd. De ideale afsluiter.

This bottles costed me almost 60 euros but so far nothing in this taste is rememberable. Notging wrong with the taste but certainly norhing special. Just drank my 3rd glass. Price/quality for me would be ok it it was 25 euros

As a newbee into the world of rum, this one fits my taste just perfect, and i love the aroma too!

Very nice Barbados rum. Excellent for nice moments and relaxing time

Betygsatte fel Plantation. Har inte druckit denna! Sorry!
Men jag gissar att den är en 8, hehe!!! Gillar Plantation överlag!

Imbattable niveau qualité/prix! Coco, amande sont aux rdv!

Ikke smagt. .

Great aroma with a nice amber colour. Smooth initial taste that stays consistent throughout. Not bitter but a slight taste of cane and carmel I tried mine with a small ice cube.

If you have yet to have this rum, you are missing out. Best way I could describe this is sugary tropical fruits with honey. Such a smooth sipper.

Gelet op de inhoud van de fles (zie foto) alvorens deze te raten wil wel wat zeggen!
Twijfel om deze wereldkundig te maken! Mocht ik kunnen is deze rum de mijne!
De subtiele, ronde en vooral warme afdronk van deze Barbados is gewoon subliem.
Na het inschenken start het genieten. De lekkere, doch niet overmatige caramel, de vanille, kaneel en zelfs marsepein doen me alvast wegdromen. Door het wat houterige aroma is het alsof ik 'the cask' ruik waar deze Plantation zijn laatste jaren heeft in gerijpt.
De tranen die langs het glas vallen willen je een verhaal vertellen.
Eens in de mond proef je een gezonde 'vettigheid', die je graag laat rondwalsen. Toetsen van chocolade en sinaasappel nodigen mij uit nogmaals te proeven!

Een zalige zachte afdronk, waarbij het zeer moeilijk is een tweede of een derde proevertje af te slaan.


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Wonderful ron, Smooth taste, little sharper stronger, But when you are anywhere, you can relax nice atmosphere from that ron.

Ein ganz grosser aus dem Hause Ferrand, leider abgelöst und in einer anderen Flasche erhältlich
Mann kann Stunden an Ihm riechen
Herrlich im Gaumen, leckeres Marzipan, Trockenfrüchte, Karamell
Wunderbar im Abgang, seeeehr lang !
Ein Plantation halt

A very big one from Ferrand, unfortunately detached and available in another bottle
You can smell hours of him
Gorgeous on the palate, delicious marzipan, dry fruit, caramel
Wonderful in the finish, very long!
It's a plantation

One of my all-time favourite rums. Sweet and strong like a spa treatment for the tongue

Plantation barbados xo 20th anniversary rum 400px b