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Caliche light rum

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Smooth and easy drinking without that "weird" Bacardi taste. Makes sense since it's from Don Q.

Definite burn going down. Not a bad mixer. I added some coffee beans and a vanilla bean to what was left in the bottle, let it sit for a few days, and had a nice coffee rum. Still burned going down, but the flavor was nice.

Vanilla, citrus and spice come to mind when drinking this rum. I do enjoy this neat as one of the only rums from Puerto Rico that I can say this about. I like the bottle presentation! Nice price for a light rum with nice flavor that can be sipped.

Let's face it, light rums are not really designed for sipping. Caliche is a perfectly acceptable rum for making classic cocktails and exotic potions.

Many negative reviews and I'm not sure why. Its not stellar but its also not bad: I found the nose subtle and hinting of flowers and vanilla. Taste is warm with flavors of citrus, vanilla, and clove. A totally decent Puerto Rican rum for mixing daiquiris and mojitos. Column distilled, so you know its going to be light and floral.

A nice drinkable rum, on the rocks or in a mixed drink. Toasted sugar notes with a hint of vanilla.

Don't waste your money on this rum. Not only does it smell like rubbing alcohol, but it also taste like it.

This one is fairly interesting. That is for a Puerto Rican White rum. I found it difficult for a rum of this supposed age to get passed a straight astringent nose, a very strong alcohol nose compared to don Q Cristal which is aged just one year and has a very subdued nose. The entry is quite rum like though and much more vigor than I would have thought for an aged white rum of up to 5 years even in a solera. There is a bit of burn a nice very rum like spice in the middle almost Barbados in style. There is a quick finish on this rum that leaves little to be remembered. This has to be mostly younger 1 year rum blended with some small amounts aged rums. Overall not terrible, this in my estimation is fairly pure with little to no additives, quite dry, and no fake vanilla.

I expected a little more on the entry and finish but the middle of this rum is quite pleasing for straight up consumption. for 23 dollars or whatever I paid near that it is not horrid and I would say one of the best Puerto Rican whites out there, but that is not saying much. It does have an interesting bottle though.

Overall in this category there are much better white rums with much better flavor and finish. While there is no incredibly bad flaw here there also is nothing that makes this one shine unless you are looking for a rum that shows astringent qualities.

Didn't get on with the flavor in this one, there was something in the aftertaste not for me. I'm not a pro taster but would label it as unrefined.

Not too bad of a rum, as far as whites go. Good for mixed drinks.

Caliche is for people that love colorful sweet mixed drinks. You know, those Apple Martini drinkers. I remember when this rum was introduced, I looked at the vendor that gave me a taste of it in disgust and said "this taste like sugar", he smiled and said "some people like that". To top things off, I just found out a few months ago that Caliche is made by Don Q. [Shaking my head]

If you're semi serious about rum and are looking for a decent diverse, simple, inexpensive white rum to mix with, please take the $20 bucks you would have spent on Caliche and buy 2 bottles of flavored Malibu, Don Q or Cruzan (my personal favorite amongst the three).

got this from a friend who went to puerto rico did not like better for mixing

Ok for mixing some what hot if sipped.

Reminds me of an old school Puerto Rican local rum. Not bad to mix with, but not a sipper.

After finding several great cocktails to mix Caliche with in Bahama Bob's cocktail book, I'm forced to re-evaluate and kick this rum up a point. It's growing on me.

That's the high point of this rum. Sweet, bland, with a fake saccharine aftertaste. having trouble finding ways to finish this bottle.

I can agree with Don that it could be an OK mixer, but if it is priced and marketed as a super-premium rum but tastes like rebottled Bacardi Silver, then it's a big fail. I can get good mixing white rums at half the $22 price tag.