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Nice well priced rum that has a decent flavour. Strong alcoholic taste so you won't forget you're drinking a spirit.

Made me feel sick. I'm not one to explain notes or how this is on the nose. I love rum, mostly dark rum. Love mount gay, Cockspur. I'm a fan of bourbon and have spent time drinking single malts preferring highland an:-)d disliking Islay one's. I could not drink this, it doesn't taste like rum at all. Horrendous, horrible. Apparently this has won awards? I had read another bad review of this rum (after buying it) but then read some comments saying the reviewer was wrong and needed his taste buds sorting. My opinion is that it's that bad I registered with this site to express some of the disgust I got from drinking it. It tastes like chemicals with alcohol added, truly truly horrid and unpalatable. Disgusting, gross, unpleasant and foul. You get the message? I should know better than to buy alcohol from lidl. I'll just stick buying vegetables in the future. (Did I mention this rum is really really disgusting?)