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I have edited this note several times. I started off with a 10, then 9 and down to 7, but back up to 8! There is lovely fruit and oak, but there is a dustiness to it that I am not sure I like. Sometimes it is appealing, other times it annoys. Given the price, I think it should be cleaner.

The immediate impression I got was a rum similar to Arcane Extraroma. But while that is a fruit bomb, this is more reserved and more complex. But the Arcane has a cleanliness to it, that this just can't match. Given the choice, I would go for the crowd pleaser - the Arcane Extraroma.

Now that the bottle is finished, I ask myself would I buy it again? I do quite like it, but I like the Arcane more.

Special rum. Beautiful color and bottle. Full taste, woody, dried fruite. Exotic smell. Smooth taste, sweet a little bit caramel and vanilla.
This rum is very fine, not strong, not alcohol feel in the mouth. Great finish. Much better then other well known rums.

This is nicely balanced with a hint of Amaretto flavor

Opravdu sladký rum. Chuť kakaa, čokolády a kokosu.

jednoznacne doporucuji tento rum, recenzi rozsirim casem

bohuzel trochu horší cenovka, ale jinak tradičně dobré, sladší Maricijské pití

This rum is really not motivating you to buy it. Higher price than expected, label wont tell you age, bottle is gently-looking, doesn't have any "Reserva" "XO" or "Sellecion" written all over. You also won't find many reviews and people around you probably never heard of it. That is good, because now you can buy it and surprise your friends with this average looking rum which tastes like pure gold.

V chuti velmi jemný rum. Patří mezi ty lepší co jsem ochutnal.

This rum is funny, when sipping on ice it's extremely flavourful - just too much. It's a combination of vanilla, nutmeg, and molasses. The taste is actually a little fake, I'm guessing from flavouring being added after the fact. Short finish leaves a sweet honey, very little spice and a little sour.

As it wasn't a great straight sipper, I added coke. This took the edge off the strong flavouring well and left a mainly vanilla addition. Not perfect with Coke, but certainly an improvement.


fakt dobrý , další z rumov ktorý je vhodný vytiahnuť keď máte ženskú spoločnosť.keď som ho mal v poháry prvý krát najviac som tam cítil oriešky a až keď sa pohár vyprázdnil zaćitil som ihličie , nie že by v poháry vydržal extra dlho , ale na druhý pokus mi tie oriešky akosi unikali. V ústach takmer nieje citiť alkohol čo sa mi páči , je príjemne sladký nie presladený , jeho mladši nevlastný brat Gold of Mauritius je oproti nemu iba taký nepodarok

Not sure what makes it so unique. Kind of sweet-ish heaven in my mouth. Even my wife - not a big rum fan - loves it. It very characteristic and Im not sure if coparible to any other rums. Very smooth. Much better than well established brands with their xx yars of solera marketing bulshit. I think these guys dont play the game of Im not telling anything about it but trust me its 25y old. This is more straight forward superb rum. LOVE IT

Incredibly strange rum.

Really strong smell of pine which then follows through into more pine and some sawdust.

As it fades you are left with peanuts (eaten whole including their shell!)./

Blue mauritius gold rum orginal 400px b