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I liked the old version with white and green label when I got to taste it for the first time. Nice combination of tastes with dominance of cinnamon and not too sweet. Then i tried the new version with yellowish and red label and unfortunately it got much worse in my eyes. All i liked about this rum was gone and that disappointed me hard. Weaker sensation of cinnamon, more sugar and other tastes i can describe just as...synthetic.

Odd smell, overpowering fake vanilla taste, avoid.

With spiced rum it’s all about the spices suiting your taste. But urgghh, by far the worst rum I’ve ever tasted.

Bought this purely to try it and found it really enjoyable. Slightly strong on the vanilla but I don't mind that.

To be honest it is not that bad tasting. Ok it is overpowering with the vanilla but there are worst spiced rums out there to kick to the kerb. If you need a cheap rum to drown your sorrows then go grab yourself a bottle from your local supermarket.

Good rum if you like the very sweetness of it. Lots of vanilla!

This spiced rum was fine a couple of years ago until they changed the recipe. Now it has an horrendous synthetic and overpowering vanilla taste and smell. Sickly even after jus a couple mixed with cola. Avoid.

It tates a bit fake - mind you so does Admiral J, but this is not as pleasant as that. The vanilla seems like chemicals to me. I actually quite enjoy vanilla, but Old J and Pink Pigeon are better, and Rolling Calf is way better. Or you could try the St Aubin Vanilla Rhum which is really a flavoured rum rather than a spiced one - it has a hell of a vanilla kick to it!

On first glance, the rum is a bright yellow/golden colour - a sign of what's to come. On opening, your nose is knocked for six with the overpowering aroma of vanilla, even then it's not a natural vanilla scent- it's a fake chemically smell. This continues through to the taste, tolerable with a mixer but I wouldn't rush out to buy this myself.


This rum will never find its way on to my bar. I have never been a fan since a friend gave me a drink of rum. It was the only rum he had and did not warn me that it was spiced. It came close to being spit out but I refrained due to our friendship. I never drink rum at his home again.

Tired of your ordinary boring old syrup? Well try Lamb’s Spiced! It is jam packed with explosive vanilla flavour alongside EVEN MORE VANILLA. I recommend highly for putting on cakes and ice-creams. Just don’t let little timmy get a sip. Little Timmy’s too young for this syrup! Plus he’s a tequila guy anyway...

Just to be clear - you can tase two version of this rum.
- The old-one (with the green etiquette) was little bit smoother with dominant cinnamon taste. It was really great blended with apple juice in whisky glass. It tasted like you are drinking liquid strudel.
- The new-one (with the red etiquette) is completely different, it has strong vanilla aroma and even if I tried two bottles, I didn't find any companion to this rum to blend it with as the vanilla aroma is so strong that it kills everything you put on it.

Unluckily, the old version is discontinued and you can't buy it anymore. Even the old version is not good for drinking it on it's own. If you own a bottle, just mix it with something to complement the cinnamon taste.


Just sat down for a quick cheap spiced at a bar, and was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of this rum. Lacks any depth or character, but is stunningly smooth with characteristics of a perfectly cooked marshmallow, particularly when blended 1:1 with coke. Worth a taste at the very least.

Decent... really does need a mixer though. Easily affordable rum but nothing special. Perfect if you are eating milky bars

Taste chocolat and vanilla. Sweet and taste. My kind.

Shame there's not an option to give a score of 0. Utterly disgusting. Artifical vanilla smells and tastes horrible on top of being overpowering. Was a chore to drink even when mixed with coke which normally masks average rums.

Do not buy this rubbish and if you like it expand your horizons, there's much better out there.

It was a present for me (would never buy it :D), it has very strong vanilla and cinnamon taste, not my cup of tea. Other spiced rums I have tasted were much better. Got rid of that bottle :)

At least I can upload image of bottle, seems missing here


Wooow, this is the nastiest stuff i wver bought. I loved it when i knew morgan and legendario only, but now i know much more now and i want to know how this is made, cuz this tastes like mexican candy

As has been mentioned before this rum has an odd smell (Not unpleasant, just unexpected - perhaps like a burnt sweet/candy or a vanilla scented candle). As a sipping rum it's very sweet with a strong taste of vanilla. Great as a mixer with cola or ginger beer. A little lime or lemon help to counter balance the sweetness. No bitterness or burning as it glides down. Currently on offer for £12 which is a fantastic bargain.

The smell reminds me of ice cream soda. Extremely sweet with a sweet vanilla taste. Very nice but only for a couple.

Very strong in the vanilla flavour and can be a too powerful over an evening... Lovely with coke but the odd one

Very strong vanilla taste, but good with coke. Could be too much vanilla over a whole night.