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Bohemio 8 year rum

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3 Bohemio 8-Year ratings

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Not worth the 20$ l

Bohemio is a borderline sipper(I say it is) but it really excels in mixed drinks and cocktails. A fair amount of oak but not overdone; a little dry but not too plain. Well rounded subtle sugarcane goodness.

A wonderful rich amber color.

Nice aroma with just a bit of astringency.

Legs are okay...just a bit thin.

The rum is aged 8 years in used whisky and bourbon barrels according to what I have read. You can definitely taste the tannins off the bat. After that fades a bit there is vanilla and caramel flavors mixed in with some pepperiness. There is some initial sweetness from what I assume is cane molasses but the finish is somewhat dry. Rather complex in my humble opinion.

This rum is very closer to being a sipping rum and for it can be for some folks. Personally I see its main strength to be as a mixer especially in fruit-based drinks as a nice counter for the fruitiness. A nice daiquiri could be produced using this rum.