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Drunken sailor spiced rum

Drunken Sailor Spiced rum is produced using a blend of aged rums from around the Caribbean which are distilled from molasses. Natural ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon, and other spices are then added.

The Drunken Sailor name is taken from the ancient sea shanty that sailors, pirates and Navy folks sang as they worked long days at sea.

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11 Drunken Sailor Spiced ratings

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Strong caramel and vanilla aroma and flavor. This is good stuff, mixed or neat.

A lot of sugar and vanilla added. Often this is as good as it gets at a bar but when this is the best there is, see what they have for bourbon or vodka. Just don’t.

I've been trying to find my drink niche for awhile. Spiced rum is it! So this is my second favorite. Has strong vanilla that isn't overpowering for me. Higher proof but that isn't very noticible to me. Sippable neat or on the rocks, and good mixed. As of 8/17, my current favorites are: Capt Morgan Private Stock, this, Bayou, CM 1671. Tried about 20 spiced rims so far.

Carmel smell is very intense and the aftertaste is carmel. I love it so far. Currently drinking it on the rocks out of my rum glass. Not sure if its just a sipper or a good mixer as well. I think the oak notes are nice on it as well. The carmel taste i think would really shine in a glass of coke. I just fear it might be frowned upon to put coke with such a fine rum.

The first thing noticed when opening the bottle is the strong Vanilla aroma with hints of some kind of carmalized dark sugar.
The taste is so refined you hardly realize you're drinking a 92 proof. Fantastic does not define this rum well enough.

I always thought I hated Rum. My boyfriend brought a bottle of Drunken Sailor to the USC tailgate party. I love this Rum. Tastes like Butter and vanilla. Be careful. Very easy to drink to much. You forget how strong it is because you can't taste the alcohol.

The Drunken Sailor Spiced Rum is addicting. I mix it with Root beer or Dr. Pepper and sometimes Coke. It's strong but no alcohol taste to it.

Tastes like brown sugar and vanilla mixed with unicorn and fairy dust. Made a Drunken Mohito.

This is a beautiful, dark-colored rum that I usually drink straight, either neat or on the rocks. Pairs well with coke for a molasses, vanilla flavor. I have never enjoyed a rum straight out of the bottle quite like this one. They have earned themselves a fan.

This is a very nice vanilla rum. Mostly for rum and coke or mixed drinks. I enjoyed it.

I love drinking rum. This rum is special. Tastes like vanilla, brown sugar hint of clove. Blends well with almost all rum cocktails. You can even drink it straight