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We often try to find "the best" rum for our money, but sometimes it is nice to sit down and drink a simple glass of rum like we had when we started drinking this golden liquid.

Nose: Caramel and a hint of nuts
Taste: Burnt sugar with a small hint of cinnamon, but without being complex in any way
Overall: This is a simple and basic rum, but not in a bad way. Easy to drink.

Alcool très présent. Peu complexe. Côté poivré. Manque de finesse. Arrière-gout dérangeant.

Juan Santos 12 year old is aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels and the Bourbon flavors have overtaken the delicate rum flavors a long time ago. If you like dry rums or Kentucky Bourbons, then you will really like this, but don't assume to get an amazing aged rum with this bottle. The most surprising fact is that the 12 year old Juan Santos doesn't have any burn at all, so it's very smooth, but clearly leans much more towards Bourbon than aged rum category. Only marginally better than the 9 year old Juan Santos.


Meget tam - udvikler sig stort set ikke hverken i glas eller mund

Anejo 12 anos, could have come to more use, had this not been reduced down to 40% alcohol. This colombian Rum shows potential, but it doesnt really compete well with other rums in its price range.

de sabor fuerte para ser un 12 años pero con su 40% marca otra situacion en este ron colombiano poco conocido en boca a naranja y nueces en nariz calido y cuero quemado

Nicht süß, nicht fruchtig, nicht lecker. Nur muffig. Habe das erste Glas nicht mal ganz ausgetrunken. Klare Ablehnung

Not much to say. It is weak on both nose and pallet except for alcohol and a hint of orange peel and ash?

BNo body and lot of alcohol. It can not be a lot of the 15 year Rum inside. Its not often I say bad Rum😖😐

Juan Santos 12-Year har ikke meget at byde på !!!! .

I bought this because it was on sale and reviews I read said it was buttery going down the throat. I will finish the bottle because I have paid a lot for it, but it is not a good rum (IMHO). It has a strange taste, not complete normal rum taste. I am always looking for a new rum to love and I wish I had bought something else. The sticker is also lame. I enjoy rum for the taste, but a nice bottle/ettikette just makes rum a a little more fun. It looks like some cheap advertising company just stuck some cheesey sticker on it. It is a horrible rum