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22 Angostura 5-Year ratings

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You would expect to fell more pleasant rum for a rum made to be consumed on it's own. Sadly this rum lets you down and in the after taste you can only fell strong alcohol with caramel found. On the rocks or cola only in my opinion.

This rum has a beautiful bright amber color. It has an interesting odor. A bit alcohol-heavy that stings the nose a little.

Tasting it reveals the oak in which it is aged (between 5 and 8 years from what I've read online) and a little sweetness with vanilla and caramel with a drier finish. This will tingle your tongue a bit. Leaves a bit of a lengthy burn in the throat.

A very versatile mixing rum. Has too much of an edge to it to be a good sipping rum. Overall a good rum and very useable in mixed drinks.

Has a woody taste with hints of vanilla, oak, honey, caramel and spice. Not very complex due to the limited amount of time it has been aged. A nice mid range rum that can be enjoyed neat or mixed with your favorite beverage. Good price for another fine rum in the Angostura line.

Det var denna som typ erbjöds i shopen på båten från Litauen. Smakar inte dåligt och inte bra så den hamnar i mitt skiktet. Går att dricka med Ginger beer.

This makes a great mix, could sip in a bind. Glad I tried it, will definitely try others of the same brand.

Quite an astringent nose , but not unpleasant , vanilla , caramel and oak. Might be a sipper at a push but as the manufacturer states its a mixer with either cola or ginger beer on the back of the bottle , that seals the deal for me.. with lime and ice ! Very nice and not bad value. I really like the 1919 and the 1824 but you get what you pay for...

Picked it up for $15. Nose is molasses, caramel, vanilla, and spice. Apart from an initial alcohol bite, it is relatively smooth with some nice dry notes of wood and caramel with some spice. Vanilla teases too with an elusive sweetness. Actually not bad on its own, probably not bad with ice, though will most likely be mixed.

I dont understand why Bacardi is so popular, when here is Angostura, much more better than that. 5 year is average, nothing great, but nothing terrible, better for mix.

not much to say about this the 5 year is tasty. carmel, vanilla.

great mixer , decent sipper.

Not a bad mixer rum, not to much alcohol burn straight

God mørk Rom til at blande med sodavand og især med masser af isterning

Light amber colour in a decent bottle that looks promising.

On the nose, buttery, cake mix and alcohol.

Taste is disappointing as you search for specifics. It numbs the lip, tip of the tongue and back of the throat but is not too harsh...mostly sweetness and alcohol, with a slightly bitter after taste, nothing substantial except perhaps a slight clove that goes along with the numbing aspect of the alcohol.

Finish is quite sustained, not unpleasant, but mostly just alcohol and sweetness and in the end just a dryness from the alcohol and little else. Probably best as a mixer with iced ginger beer.

Saying this it is ok to sip, but you will be disappointed if you think you will be subjected to a variety of interesting flavours and any degree of complexity.

Strong, discreet, without harshness and flaws. Even better than the Angostura 7 years. The more I drink, the more like it.

I'm not sure why I waited on this. It was pretty great for a 5 year rum. Lots of barrel characteristics. Nice baking spices, caramel, vanilla, honey. It's got a medium weight to is also, not too light, a mixture of different column rums some heavy. Nice straight up overall. I was surprised by this one to say the least. Also additive free.

Okay as a rum. Probably better suited in a cocktail. Smells better than it tastes

commentaire a venir

Not the best for the price, needs a bit more aging. either a top end mixer rum or low end straight

Bought this rum to be used as a mixer, but found it quite enjoyable on the rocks too. However when adding some coke it resulted in one of the best rum & cokes I've ever tried. Would have given it a 7.5 if possible, but went for a 7 as I try to only give 8s or higher for real sipping rums.
Nice, smooth & easy going.

One of the better middle aged rums. Smooth sweetness on the nose, kind development and a tiny bit of wood in the aftertaste. Suitable for sipping straight up and in my book that equals suitable for purchase. Pretty good for an under 20 euro rum.

Sweet from unbottling to after taste. Bees flutter from this little golden hive to tempt the tastebuds with the promise of honey. Nothing fierce here from nose to throat. A rum almost too easy to become aquainted with. Enjoy anyway you like, versatile in many ways. Beginners and newcomers will appreciate the ease of this mid range rum.

Nice smooth rum with no strong notes of anything. Doesn't stand out.

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Trinidad a Tobago
Aroma: Vůně je o hodně řidší než jsem zvyklý u Angostury 1919 a 1824, ale je poznat, že jde o Angosturu, trocha včelích pláství a medicíny tu je, ale hlavně tu jsou znát citrusy. Je to takové odlehčené, nenáročné, zředěné. (82 b)
Chuť: V chuti platí to samé, co ve vůni. Hlavní poznávací znaky značky zůstaly zachovány, ale jsou naředěné. Dřevo, plástve, medovost. Pěkná je dochuť, ta je i přes naředění dlouhá, celkem plná. (82 b)
Body: 82
Shrnutí: Je to levnější, lehčí verze Angostury, za sebe doporučuji připlatit a jít do Angostury 1919, když už