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Skotlander spirits iv rum

Skotlander Spirits IV rum is produced from Brazilian molasses and distilled using a handmade Muller copper still sourced from the Black Forest in Germany at the Nordisk Destilleri in northern Denmark.

The IV Skotlander rum uses liquorice for aroma and taste.

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The baserum from skotlander is accompanied and flavoured by real liquorice roots. It's an interesting product. The subtle, unaltered liquorice taste, combined with the characteristic skotlander white rum, makes for a pure and almost gastronomic expirence. Quite unique and enjoyable. This is the best flavoured rum i've had, that still feels like a real rum. As the production from skotlander is still new and somewhat small, it's still a rather pricey package. But a brand with good perspectives.