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Well over 700 aged dark rums enjoyed and Presidente Marti 23 year from Oliver & Oliver is easily on my Top 10 list after 15 years of tastings. It is superb, so smooth you can't imagine, no burn at all and contains plenty of exciting flavors. If you haven't tried yet this Dominican Republic produced but Cuban inspired 23 year Rum, I will guarantee it will set a brand new benchmark for your personal rum list.

Here's my top 20 list:
1. Ron Esclavo XO Cask Strength
2. Legendario 15y
3. Cubaney Centenario 25-30y
4. Esclavo XO
5. Millonario XO and 15y
6. Plantation Barbados XO 20th Anniversary
7. El Dorado 25y
8. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and Single Vintage
9. Presidente Marti 23y and 19y
10. Cubaney 18y
11. Pusser's 15y
12. Black Tot
13. El Pasador de Oro XO and Gran Reserva
14. Punta Cana Esplendido
15. Edmundo Dantes 15y
16. Pampero Aniversario
17. Bacoo 12y
18. Esclavo 15y and 12y
19. Brugal Leyenda
20. Exquisito 1985 and 1995

I thought I would try this rumas it was on offer, and decided to read the reviews. A nice rum to either drink neat or over ice, that is fairly sweet when sipping. A slightly oaky aroma. Smooth as it goes down without too much burn. I would recommend this and buy it again.

First I thought that it would be some imitation of Diplomatico :)
I didn’t have confidence in this rum, but opposite is true.
Very nice aroma…honey, coffee, wood, little bit fruity.. very nice taste
Perfect rum for sipping, also for rum beginners

ahh,så god…

Smooth, sweet and very little burn. A great sipping rum with leaves a great aftertaste lingering in tthe mouth

... si on est amateur de rhum de mélasse pmais pas aussi sucré qu'un DP

Vyborny rum od Oliver&Oliver. Kdyz si mam vybrat tak radsi 19.

En lækker lidt røget rom som er en super sippe rom

Great sweet and smooth taste but little too short and thin to get ten. Little stronger and its number ten rum.

Very nice sweet/burning taste but generally smooth.

Good choice

Soft nice favourite
Soft nice favourite
Soft nice favourite
Soft nice favourite
Soft nice favourite

After trying the 15 and 19 year it was time for the 23! Just a little better everytime you go more old. All three are very nice and not too much difference price-wise. You can't go wrong with either one. Allthough the 23 is the smoothest. Produced by Oliver&Oliver so prepare for a sweeter rum.

Super Preis Leistung
Leckerer Rum mit würzigen Aroma
Auch gut auf Eis

Zatím je to můj oblíbenec z rodiny Oliver. Rozhodně nejlepší ročník z Presidente.

Perfect balance between rich body and dim fresh fruity notes

In Italian and English

Rum industriale realizzato con metodo "solera"... Chi conosce il vero funzionamento di questo metodo, sa bene che non è possibile riportare il numero di anni, proprio perché si mischiano diversi rum di diverse annate. Quindi diffidate da TUTTI i Rum che insieme al metodo solera riportano una qualsiasi data! Ad ogni modo è un distillato decente ma che non vale tutti i suoi soldi, quasi identico al Demerara di Rumnation, con la differenza che il Presidente 23 costa 1/3 in più.

All'olfatto: note prevalenti di caramello, cocco, tabacco. Leggera nota agrumata di chinotto.

Al gusto: è molto morbido, dolce quasi stucchevole.
Il caramello la fa da padrone, quindi un po' troppo monotono; il finale è medio e la bocca resta un po' impastata.

Rum "costruito" adatto ai novizi e agli amanti dei gusti dolci.

Consiglio per tutti: quando annusate un rum (o qualsiasi distillato), prima di inserire il naso e inspirare, effettuate un leggero soffio nel bicchiere e subito dopo provate a sentire i profumi. Questa operazione serve a svampare un po' la potenza dell'alcool che altrimenti vi porterebbe a bruciare nel naso e a coprire molti sentori.

Provate a berlo prima da solo, poi dopo aver mangiato del cioccolato fondente (dal 70 all'85% max), ed infine dopo aver mangiato una mezza fetta di arancia fresca (compresa buccia) con dello zucchero di canna sopra. ;-)


Industrial rum made with the "solera" method ... Who knows the true functioning of this method, knows very well that it is not possible to report the number of years, precisely because they mix different rums of different years. So be wary of ALL the Rum that along with the solera method report any date! However, it is a decent distillate but not worth all his money, almost identical to the Demerara of Rumnation, with the difference that President 23 costs 1/3 more.

On the nose: prevalent notes of caramel, coconut, tobacco. Light citrus note of chinotto.

To the taste: it is very soft, sweet almost cloying.
The caramel is king, so a bit 'too monotonous; the finish is medium and the mouth remains a bit 'kneaded. Rum "built" suitable for novices and lovers of sweet tastes.

Advice for everyone: when you smell a rum (or any distillate), before inserting the nose and inhaling, make a slight puff in the glass and immediately afterwards try to smell the perfumes. This operation serves to escape a little 'the power of alcohol that otherwise would lead to burn in the nose and cover many scents.
Try to drink it first alone, then after eating dark chocolate (70 to 85% max), and finally after eating a half slice of fresh orange (including peel) with brown sugar on top. ;-)


Schönes sattes Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase überraschend frisch und fruchtig im Hintergrund Noten von getoastetem Holz.
Im Gaumen gesellen sich Aromen von Karamell, von ganz viel Karamell und noch mehr Karamell zu Vanille und Eichenholz.
Im Abgang verbleiben die Aromen von Karamell und Vanille sehr lang.
Etwas gewichtiger als der 15 jährige. Ein typischer süsser O&O Ron für Einsteiger und Geniesser.

Beautiful full amber in the glass.
In the nose surprisingly fresh and fruity in the background notes of toasted wood.
On the palate, flavors of caramel joined by lots of caramel and more caramel to vanilla and oak.
In the finish, the aromas of caramel and vanilla remain very long.
Somewhat more weighty than the 15 year old. A typical sweet O & O Ron for beginners and connoisseurs.

Je to fajn rum, ale pro mou hudu je moc nakouřený. Cítil jsem to takové nauzené jako z udírny a nešlo mi to moc do krku. Jak říkám, rum je to dobrý,ale raději sáhnu po 19Y.

Lidt smag af chokolade og nødder. En sød rom, som ikke er for meget. Skal absolut smages igen. Ville jeg købe en hel flaske? Måske ikke, da der er andre, som er lidt bedre i samme prisleje. Som f.eks Esclavo XO.

Tastes a little bit of nuts. Its a little sweet and nice to drink. One of the better rum. Theres nothing wrong if you buy it.

Ein guter und süßer Rum. Er ist sehr zu Empfehlen.

Nu har jeg smagt alle tre i serien, og jeg synes 23'eren er bedst, både med hensyn til duft og smag. Dog er forskellen på de tre ikke ikke særlig stor.

Hvis jeg kunne, vill jeg give følgende ratings:

23: 8,5
19: 8,4
15: 8,3

Denne 23 års Presidente er en utrolig dejlig rom, specielt når man tager prisen i betragtning.

Smagen er dejlig rund, kraftig og holder ganske længe. Lige et niveau over både 15 års og 19 års. (8,5 i min bog)

I big suprise for me. For that money cca 48€ its a must. Complex and round taste, mild