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24 Chic Choc Spiced ratings

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Très bon rhum à cocktails très fier de se produits entièrement québécois meilleur quon captain morgan pi un havana club de base dans du coca cola !

From Quebec this rum need to be known, spicy it is a special rum great for happy hour.

This spiced rum got more of a kick that i would like to. Still okay to drink but got better choice before this one.

This is a hard rum to enjoy due to its odd spiced taste. Novelty. If you are used to good aged rum it will be difficult to finish the bottle....

Hefty spice forefront. Littered with strong pine and cinnamon essences. Smoothly transitions to a caramel maple (oh so Canadian) finish. Definitely a unique rum in the spiced world. A must for any collector.

It has a very unique set of spices and nice taste. Also interesting that it is Canadian eh!!!

The smell is light. The taste tends on the sweet side with a little maple ending. Very specific and unique. Just like our Québec that we love. Everyone is welcome.

A lot of people think it is an original Canadian Rhum, but what Domaine Pinnacle is really doing is importing Jamaican rhum and THEN adding Canadian spice from Chic Choc mountains. Despite of this being "Canadian washing", this is a decent spicy rhum to mix with cola..

Made in Quebec. Pretty unique taste. Spices & sugar. Won't pleased everyone but give it a shot.

See title !

Un bon rhum épicé, original, fait au Québec. Bon dans les cocktails, mais peu prendre le dessus sur le reste.

At first sip I realized that pine was one of main spices and it threw me off as I've never had a rum with a pine flavour. Doesn't mix so well with any pops from what I've tried yet, but I like it nonetheless. It's a good rum, totally Canadian, and it's pretty good straight up. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to try something unique!

Produit quand même très bien pour le prix. Très epicé! J'ai préféré le prendre seul sans coca-cola. Au moins une 15 aine de bouteilles à mon actif et fût longtemps mon choix de prédilection en tant qu'étudiant pauvre. Quand même vraiment différent des autres produits.

Got atleast 15 bottles taken. I still appreciate it but not too often. Very spicy and i was prefering it alone without any cola! Very different product.

I'm still ambivalent toward Chic Choc. It is definitively unique however, I can't seam to find a way to use it as a mixer beside the 1642 cola, a cola with a hint of maple syrup.


C'est un très bon rum ambré..... qui donne des couleur a notre belle région du quebec.

Ç’a vaut la peine pour le prix.

C'est presque un rhum and coke sans avoir à prendre du coke. Les épices prennent le dessus. Un peu vanille aussi.

Rhum Canadien.

À boire avec du coke .... quand il ne reste plus de bière ...

Horrible produit !

Rhum correct avec du cola. Mais trop d'épice a mon gout. On goute juste ça

commentaire a venir

I'm not sure I agree with the *very* high ratings on this rum, but it is good and very drinkable when mixed (not so great straight, but drinkable.) It's got a nice flavour, similar Jagermeister or adding bitters to your drink. It is certainly worth trying and excellent value at $34 in Ontario. Also, it's only 42% ABV, contrary to Marc's earlier post.

Pronounced fruity spice. Lots Lots vanilla, great quality rum and especially smooth for 47% abv.

Produced as the first rum from a distillery in Quebec (Domaine Pinnacle) known primarily for its ciders and liqueurs, I won't lie when I say I wasn't expecting much from this unassuming bottle. After pouring a glass and jumping into the drink I was surprised to find notes of vanilla, oak, and a complex arrangement of spices right up front. Sharp, complex and warm this was an easy winner amongst the various spiced rums I've had over the years. Highly recommended.

Rhum qui mérite une attention. Goût épicé présent mais pas trop relevé!

Sugar: 43 gpl. Made in Canada and unique to say the least. Reddish in color, thick and sweet with a wonderful bouquet. It smells like an aged rum with a hint of oak, but the other aromas in it are hard to describe. I suggest that you look up the spice list that is printed on the back label, which is a first as I am not aware of any other spiced rum listing the ingredients. Lovage Root, Wild Angelica, Whiterod Berries, and more. Apparently these are known as Nordic Spices, would explain tastes of Alpenbitter and Jagermeister. It is quite sweet but I use one ice cube to reduce the sweetness.
Some will find this to be a bit medicinal and there is some comparison to Drambuie, but it very smooth with no harsh burn, and goes down quite easy. In the category of spiced rums you will love or hate this one. One thing is for sure it is unique.

Just visited Montreal and of course, I had to track down some rhum in big country. I am not one for giving 10s, but this is hands down the best spiced rhum I have ever had and I am not convinced anyone can do better.

It has a beautiful color, spells great, and has just the right amount of bite to make it memorable. Even if you don't like spiced rums, you will definitely enjoy this. As their website explains, they use some special spices only available in the Chic Choc mountains of Canada. No need to get into the backstory to get excited about this, it speaks for itself. I've had it straight up and mixed with some warm apple cider. I feel warm and tangly just thinking about it, I can't stop drinking this magic.

On the downside, this rum was only released in the province of Quebec in September 2014, so it probably won't be coming to the States anytime soon. It costs about $35 Canadian, but is well worth your money because I'm sure you've been itching to replace that Captain Morgan rum.