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The real mccoy 12 year rum

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29 The Real McCoy 12-Year ratings

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Another great bottle from the island of real rum.This one get straight to the point and is a little more heavily bodied then you usual Barbadian. My nose fills with notes of leather, oak, coconut and pepper. In the mouth I pick up a dark character with notes of oak, leather, tobacco, orange-peel and spices. Despite the manly character, it's a pleasingly refined rum that's well executed. The taste and color feels heavily influenced by the barrel, but it never goes overboard. Thumbs up.

Lækker Rom uden sukker - god eftersmag af valinile og tobak

For the price, this is a great value rum. An easy sipping rum with great flavour and depth, its not gonna blow your mind. But this is a 12yr old with quality, that would otherwise cost you much more.

Měl jsem možnost ochutnat i s přednáškou od majitele firmy.

This is a nice sipper neat. Not overly sweet, only natural sweetness. Great rum mouth feel.

At first the name was a bit of a turn-off. I thought it was a cliche marketing trick of using a recognizable name with positive connotations but no relation to the actually product. I was pleased to learn that the name comes from a 1920s prohibition-era rum runner named Bill McCoy, who never watered-down or adulterated the rum he was selling, thus earning a reputation for himself. They called his spirits "the real McCoy." (The phrase pre-dates Bill, and there is a good amount of marketing storytelling here as there is no direct link between him and the current production, but it's nice to know there's a real story all the same.)

This is a great 12-year-old Bajan rum with no added sugar. Along with the other offerings from Foursquare and Mt. Gay, this makes for a fantastic "benchmark" sipping rum, with notes of oak and dry caramel. Took a few minutes to open up, but once it did, it was very nice, indeed. I think it has quite a bit more character than the NAS MGXO, and is a little dryer than RL Seale's Finest. This is probably also the smoothest of the bunch. To me, RM12 competes with Foursquare's cask series, just without the level of nuance/interest those ones offer.

Compared to the already-excellent Real McCoy 5-year, the taste is very similar, making it difficult to justify the extra expense of the 12. The 12-year is slightly smoother, and has a richer nose of brown/demerara sugar. The 12 is clearly a more refined/enjoyable sipping rum, so grab it if it's within your budget, but I was surprised at just how good the 5 was, so feel no regrets about trying that one instead if your budget's tighter (or if you want an exceptional mixer).


I would love to do a side-by-side tasting with this, Doorly's 12-year (finished in ex-Sherry casks) and RL Seale's Finest—the latter two appearing to be significantly better values from the same distillery. But you can't really go wrong with any of these :)

(PS, I don't understand how anyone could rate this less than a 6, but apparently some have very different standards than the site's rating suggestions. [Also, wow, this rum must have excellent distribution in Denmark!] At the time of this review, the rating without these peculiar outliers would be 8.04, rather than 7.58.)

Dette er nok en af de bedste rom jeg har smagt, hvor der ikke er tilsat sukker

Dufter meget som Eldorado 12 som mit Ummidelbart førstehåndsindtryk. Efter lidt længere tid med næsen i glasset finder jeg følgende: citrus, vanilje, kokos, egetræsfad som bliver helt nøddeagtig i næsen.
Smagen er temmelig sprittet men utrolig sød til at det er en rom som ikke er tilsat sukker. Der er utrolig meget fad smag. Som snævrer mundhulerne helt ind til Kindbenet.
Sødme 5/10

Toch ook weer een prima rum van de Foursquare Distilleerderij op Barbados. De rum heeft minimaal 12 jaar gerijpt in ex-bourbon vaten. Smaken en aroma's van molasse, hout, kruiden en salmiak. Geen suiker en kleurstoffen toegevoegd.


A typical Barbados rum with floral notes and light body. i enjoyed it but i had better ones

Volles Aroma, sehr gut. Echte 12 Jahre, kein Solera. Nicht nachgezuckert, trotzdem angenehm süß.

the rum is good, great color, but I think it's overpriced.

My first exploration of Foursquare and Richard Seale. A purest delight. No sugar added so you get a true taste of his rum. Very balanced with many nuances on the nose and taste. Vanilla, caramel, toffee, citrus with a hint of tobacco. As a fan of El Dorado 15 and 21 year I must admit this made me rethink my ratings for these.

A interesting rum. Well balanced. Intense aroma, vanilla flavour.


Another great rum form foursquare ! True bajan flavor

This is a okay rom. It is a bit sharp. It is a quite dry rum. Not so much aftertaste. But drinkable if nothing else on the table.

I'm generally not a fan of rum aged in bourbon, but this is nice because it still has a touch of rum sweetness (though I wouldn't mind a little more sweetness).

Tastes and smells of oak, bourbon, caramel, a light spice, and smoke. Very smooth. A great rum for the money.

Denne Rom har en ok smag men hvis man ikke er til en Rom der er lidt sprittet skal man ikke vælge den

Meget tør rom, hvor smagen forsvinder hurtig. Kokos vanilje og banan kan anes i smagen

Meget lækkert bekendskab.
God duft.
Dejlig sødme, let fed og sprittet, lidt træ, appelsin og mørk chokolade.
Lækker behagelig eftersmag.

Dates and apricots in the nose. A bit smokey on the tongue, with dates again and licorice. So far, so well. The finishing starts in the same direction, when all of a sudden the burnign of alcool takes over. What a pity! Still: On the better side of rum.

This nice Rum in one of the biggest positive surprise for me. Really smooth sipper with long aftertaste, not to sweet and not to oaky, perfect balanced. This is among my new fovourites from now. Highly recommended!


Reminds me eldorado 12, bit sweeter than Bacardi 8.

While the nose is nice, the mouth is awesome! Damn smooth caramel, butterscotch, coconut, banana, leather, tobacco, chocolate, and citrus. A nice noticeable bourbon finish to top it off too. This may be a 10 at some point, but for now 9+

Sugar test-0. Well duh, it's from Foursquare!

Mature tropical fruits, demerara sugar, oak and baking spices

The Real McCoy 12-Year rum review by a Mountain of Crushed Ice

The real mccoy 12 year rum