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5 Berry's XO ratings

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Nose: A little musky.
Feel: Small amount of astringency but at 46% that's OK. Smooth finish.
Taste: Heavy wood. Sweet caramel. Chalky. Nice long after-taste.
Presentation: Standard Berry's bottle. Looks good enough. For the price would rather wax than foil.
Price: 1st bottle was 75 CAD (too high), 2nd was 55 (right on).

Due to the high flavour and kick of this rum (while not appearing artificial) it has found a place in my line up as flashy floater, particularly on an old school Mai Tai. Otherwise drunk neat.

Earth, smoke, tobacco, oak, definitely oak, full, spice, hints of orange(?) some kind of fruit for sure.

Deeply complex, full of congeners.
Assertive without being too much.
A tad sharp but its a part of its charm.

Vanilla, caramel, coffee and a sligt hint of smoke on the nose. Tastewise: Sweet, again some coffee, tobacco, oily, a little spicy, pepper and light and pleasant alcohol burn. 46% is nice for this rum.

A very smooth Caroni. Other Caroni's like the Bristol Spirits Caroni 1974 34 Year Old have a (to my taste) quite dominant tar-like taste, which I don't find in this Berrys' bottling. Recommended if you would like to try out a Caroni, but are not quite prepared for the stronger Veliers or like.

The Caroni distillery closed in 1993, and with it some classic rums have been lost. Berry's bought some of the last casks left and have been releasing the fine rum on a selective basis. I was lucky to get my hands on a bottle and I am so glad that I did - this is fantastic stuff.