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The duppy share caribbean

The Duppy Share Caribbean rum is produced using a combination of 3-year Jamaican and 5-year Barbados rums. Both are aged in bourbon barrels and brought to London for bottling.

The name 'Duppy Share' comes from Caribbean folklore where the dark spirit 'duppies' take their share of rum from distilleries, similar to the traditional term 'angel’s share' when rum is lost due to evaporation during the aging process.

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Funny how some people mistake uncoated real rum as "artificial". No doubt the nose gives of some of the classic Jamaican funk, which is very aromatic, fruity and slightly fermented. Combined with the more subtle, but also fruity and lightly oaky barbadian profile, it all starts to get very interesting. I love the nose. It's bustling with exotic notes of pineapple, banana, mango and peaches. It's slightly sweet with an underlying woody spiciness. The taste delivers with a lightly bodied, elegant and smoothe rum that retains an interesting and very flavourful profile with subtle fruity notes, descretely woody spiciness and a little hint of the fermented Jamaican funk. The Jamaican/barbadian combination works supremly in my book. At this price it's a real steal for a very sippable rum.

If I'm honest I was drawn to the bottle, but this has turned out to be very pleasent. Smooth enough to drink on it own but enough flavour (just) to have with a mixer (their recommendation is bitter lemon which isn't my usual choice but works well).


Decent, grassy, medium-sweet and enjoyable but needs a mixer. Great bottle.


A blend of 3yo Jamaica and 5yo Barbados. The 5yo Barbados comes from Foursquare, and one of my absolute favourite cheap and cheerful sippers is the 5yo from the Foursquare distillery that is the Doorly's 5yo. As such this blend, is far worse than Doorly's 5yo, Far worse. Yes the 3yo Jamaican gives it notes that are typical from Jamaica, but at 3yo, it is neither that smooth not that sophisticated, not that the Foursquare 5yo is overly sophisticated, but it is smooth and very easy on the palate. The Jamaican does pack a bit more punch flavour wise but it is a punch from young spirits. So all in all, I'll stick to the much easier drinking Doorly's 5yo.

And then there is the other "problem" - the price. Here in the UK, Duppy cost nearly 20% more than the Doorly's 5yo. While I can understand some of the increased costs, how can you justify that price differential when the blend uses a younger rum? Pretty bottles and nice packaging are all well and good, but it is what's inside the bottle that counts.

It's not a bad rum and I am happy enough to drink it straight up (I don't like mixed drinks), but it just doesn't work when you stack it against Doorly's 5yo.

EDIT - now that the bottle has been open for a month and a bit, it seems to have opened up, smoothed off a bit and is more enjoyable, particularly the Jamaican component. Maybe it has caught me in the right mood, but I am enjoying sipping this one tonight. Would I get another bottle, probably yes. Makes a nice change from other rums I have, even if it is expensive for what it is.

When I pulled out the cork you are hit with a string dusting aroma. Fantastic with ting.

Decent rum, but not outstanding. With coke it tastes like any other dark rum... but awesome bottle

Very nice Rum to sip in the evening with a nice coffee and cigar

If only it had tasted as good as the label looks. Very disappointed with this rum, only slightly better than the Aussie drain cleaner Bundaberg!

Young rums from Barbados and Jamaica have been blended to make this pretty fair juice. It presents with both an initial soft sweetness and a fiery follow-through. Fruit and spice abound. Although it's not a top-tier rum, it's perfectly adequate as a mid-level sipper and mixer.

Tried it at RumFest the past couple of years - I must have been a bit deep both times because it's not nearly as good as I remember.

Smells fruity but if left in the glass the aroma gets overwhelmed by the odor of fusel oils.

Decent taste of raisins and other dried fruits.

Won't be reaching for it straight again any time soon. Think I'll try the punch recipe it came with, I think that was pretty good when I tried it last.

Colour- caramel with light honey flashes
Taste- slightly plastic taste at first and then buttery caramel
Uses- a ok mixer
It's not undrinkable but it just misses something if you want to make a nice cocktail it's fine, if a friend comes round and says oh runs ok but I always have it with coke then give it them, and they will be happy but I wouldn't choose to have it straight.

Easy to drink. It's drinkable pure or on the rocks but it doesn't feel too premium so I guess it would also work with coke.

It's a nice simple dark rum. Not too sweet, which I like, but not spicy enough for my taste.
Great for cocktails.

A refreshing rum, that in my opinion should be used for cocktails or lightly mixed.

This is a lovely smooth surprise for the price is outstanding on its own amd delicious a safe mixer... Very different

Mixture 3yo and 5yo rums, bourbon barrels.

Body:artificial,strong alcohol,no-way to drink it straight up
Bottle:pharmacy like,etiquette pop-art

It's been a while I drunk such a "bad" rum...I could not finish even the one shot...Too artificial, too alcohol taste.

However I like the bottle and etiquette, reminds me pop-art style.

I didn't have much anticipation for this rum, but I have to say... It's quite good! Nose is spicy with a nice sweet and sour mixture. Taste has caramel, hazelnut, and molasses. Not hugely complete, but not harsh at all and easy to sip straight. Medium length finish is a let down as its slightly sour and lingers (not in a great way)


Spicy, slightly harsh. A bit like pusser's but smoother.

I haven't tried it but would be very good with ginger beer.

Still on my list to buy at some point when I have more shelf space but pretty low down.

The label is very cool.

The Duppy Share features a fruity and light aroma. Yet it is very spicy. Unpolished perfection?

2nd best rum I've ever tasted, very popular at Rumbq

When I first smelled the rum I thought it would be really strong and burn, but it actually goes down very smooth, nice taste but could maybe use some spices.

Often the marketing claims are not backed up with a good product. Exactly the opposite is true here. Flavourful Rums sourced from credible producers makes this a great Rum at a sensible price.

this is a pleasant spicy "fruity" rum which is perfect with coke and a slice of lime.