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19 Malecon 12-Year ratings

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Meilleur a l’arôme qu'au gout. Agréable mais arrière gout un peu amer

For this buck, a nice one. Smell Vanilla and Wood, in the mouth a bit Toffee, Vanilla. Not long lasting and a light burn.

Pretty intensive alcohol smell and taste. Body is hidden a bit behind harshness. Aftertaste is pleasant.

Cuban rums are special (in my experience) for their thick, smoky feeling, when you nose the rum. Also there is a lot of spicy tones, intense aromas, toffee maybe. The rum itself is amber-colored, it has a bitter taste in the mouth, I felt toffee inside and then it was not so smooth in the throat.

Still one of the "worth the price" Cuban rum for me - good for a party sipping/drinking or coctails.

Nice beginner rum, with a nice caramel color and Nice mild scent.

Has a quite nice taste and fruity aroma. Recommandable to most

Příjemný rum za rozumnou cenu. Jemný, dobře se pije.

Gute Qualität, typisch karibischer Geschmack, sehr angenehm zu trinken

This one was on sales in bordershop, so why not buy it :-)

Sweet easy to drink rum with some pleasant unrecognizable spices in the taste

Della serie dei Malecon è il più giovane ed il meno interessante

Again a new discovery! I had a great time drinking this Malecon 12y.
Not too alcoholic, very sweet and not too complex. The after taste is also little bit too short. Very easy ( maybe a little bit too much ) to drink.

The aroma of oak is most present at the first smell . Secondly , there are notes of caramel and a little vanilla . The taste in the mouth is hard on the oak. The aftertaste is not very long but sweet. This rum needs plenty of oxygen before developing its aromas. Not perfect, should be good on the rocks or with cola. Need to test Selecion esplendida 1979,1982,1895 or the 25th year.

This rum is quite nice. I think, it is average quality, for sipping. But I would not recommend it. There are much better rums.

...but tasteful. Bought it as a sipper but was a bit dissapointed. Definitely okay for the price I paid (bought it at Calle Bordershop in Germany)

This was a brand that I did expect more from, I need to go up in age to at least 15 year. It does surprise me that some Rum aged for fewer years than this one is more complex and with more body. You can never thrust only the years the product is stored.

not bad, not good, nothing special. In same price level exist more better choices.

Prima bruine rum uit Panama.
Minimaal 12 jaar gerijpt op eikenhout. Zacht en zoet van smaak. Caramel en fruit. Merk de alcohol haast niet. Gevaarlijk.

Great smooth taste. Nice for on the rocks or mixed with cola. The taste gets better with the age of the brand.