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24 Malecon Reserva Imperial 18-Year ratings

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But I prefer the 20 yo rare proof. But good price and you get a good rum.


Super vůně, ze které jsem byl nadšený - a pak chuť, která jde tak nějak úplně mimo mne... Ani jsem neměl chuť dopít sklenici...

color: tea. Legs wide
aroma: dried fruits, sweetness, wood, slips of smoke, notes of cocoa and tobacco. suddenly
taste: coffee, nut, dried fruits, dried raisins, caramel, bitter
aftertaste: short, sweet, then dry. At the end of the oak bitterness

very worthy rum. Tidy, tasty. More interesting that Flor de Cana 18.
84 points.

Everything a rum should have, mild not such a strong taste, easy to drink

I have now the 12, the 18 and the 25 year old in a row. Nice rum. Worth the money.
In the nose I smell wood, dried fruits, jelly. long on the palate, with vanilla and wood. Nice afterburn. Good rum!

I must collect something, else i get crazy, so why not Rum?

At first this one is strong. Wooden, smokey all kind of what you expect of an old solid rum. If you like and sweet and easy this is not the right one. If you like it a bit layed down with a wooden attidude this one will get you. Experienced but also kind of smooth.

I've started recently to taste rum. At moment Malecon 18 is the best choice I've tasted.

Ein wunderbarer Rum zu einem guten Preis. Kakao ist im Geschmack sehr dominant

Overall recommendable rum. Dried fruits, oak and a bit of leather and tobacco. Smooth, but not too sweet. Delicious but maybe a little bit ordinary.

Malecon 18-Year er en behagelig rom i både duft og smag.

Un rhum de 18 ans de solera (donc qui doit avoir 7-8 ans de moyenne), à 40% et probablement non ou peu trafiqué.
J'ai toujours bien aimé ce rhum, très simple et facile à boire, sans prétention et à prix correct.
c'est un rhum de compromis : pas trop sucré, plutôt sec, avec de la vanille, du caramel, des amandes et des noisettes. Légères traces de moka et de raisins secs.
Très simple mais efficace

With its dark amber color, this Malecon leaves small and fat legs on your glass. Once in mounth, first you get the burn then come aromas (specially dried fruit like grapes) sadly taken over by the alcohol taste.

Initially quite woody nose with hints of dried fruit and bananas outbreaks. On the palate, spicy side with alcohol still present and arriving later , vanilla. Very different from 12 years old but alcohol disrupts a little harmony of this rum. Maybe need rocks...

Al naso si sente subito profumo di vaniglia e legno affumicato, al palato si percepisce ancora l'affumicatura, tabacco e vaniglia.Peccato arrivi un po troppo l'alcool. Quello che mi piace di più è il finale molto lungo che lascia in bocca, un buon gusto di tacacco degno dei migliori sigari.

Incominciamo a raggiungere. È più complesso dei più giovani

Ce rhum a un gout caramel avec des touches de vanille.mais le cote alcool est un peu trop present a mon gout.le 21 est plus sur l alcool et a moins de gout.des 2 je conseille celui la.

For the price it is quite nice, but as a sipper it misses something. I cannot quite define what the taste reminds me off. Must try it mixed sometime.

This is a nice sweet Spanish style rum, but it suffers a bit from being a bit weak in taste. Still, its smooth and delivers pleasant flavours, so it is still a quality product.

EN blød, men ikke sød smag er det første der møder dig. Den er bedst med isterniger eller i drinks, da den er for sprittet til at drikke alene.

Der Malecon 18 aus Panama überzeugt durch kräftigen Geschmack

This one is ok in compares to its older brother the malecon 25.. The taste of alcohol is cleary more there but all the other notes are also there..

Deze 18 jaar is weer iets minder zacht dan de 15 jaar. Caramel, hout en alcohol komt je tegemoet in aroma en smaak en een lange namaak.

Weer een lekker rummetje uit Panama.

Great smooth taste. Nice for on the rocks or mixed with cola. The taste gets better with the age of the brand.