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La Hechicera Extra Anejo rum Is distilled using the solera method and aged between 12 and 21 years in American white oak casks.

La Hechicera rum has been produced by the The Riasco family for the past two decades. They're the only family-run Rum distillery in Colombia. The rum derives its name from the Spanish word “Hechicera” which translates to “enchantress”.

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Initial kick of bitter with black liquorish. Molasses background with short finish. Little spice. Not my cup of tea, but I could see some really liking it

Rich aroma of dark fruit and some burnt sugar with very little alcohol smell. First sip is very pleasant with a subtle oak and medium sweetness with a dark coffee profile. Slight bite in the throat but a gentle heat in the chest that lingers surprisingly long (might be that Kali Ma ritual from last night). The back end is where the coffee flavor is most noticeable but not overpowering. It makes for some bitterness but in a good way. This rum isn't incredible, but doesn't make many mistakes.


a very creamy scent of caramel and some sorts of toffee. in the mouth it is creamy and smooth. harmonic. round. no edges. for some moments to chill. i taste orange and coffee notes. maybe some tobacco. in the base it has to do with dictador rum, but in the end it adds the orange twist to it. very good stuff, i think and of course no added sugar. in the end it lacks one point to ten, because of its harmonic taste without any edge :).

As a rum aficionado this is hands down one of the best rums I have ever tasted. Dry, incredibly smooth and an aroma to die for this is a beautiful tribute to what rum should taste like in its unadulterated form. I came across this on the back of a very much appreciated recommendation, hard to find but worth every effort in tracking down.

A very fairly priced solera rum, supposedly additive free. The nose is nice with wooden notes, orangepeel and a bit of toffee. In the mouth the rum behaves smoothly like a solera should, but it's not destractingly sweet like so many other solera. I pick up medium bodied and unmasked notes of wood, sweet tobacco and roasted coffee. It's not very complex and the slightly spicy finish fades fairly quick, but the composition works very well. A fine rum that doesn't demand to much attention, but works perfectly neat alongside a game of cards. It definitely shares some similarities with dictador, another colombian rum, but at this pricerange i prefer la hechicera. Thumbs up.

Really a good discovery during an event in Belgium. Once in the glass, the Hechicera shows its nice light amber color accompanied of small lazy legs.Once you sip it , even with no added sugar, you realise that it is really smooth with a little gentle burn. On the aroma point of view, you will found toffee, tobacco and some fruit.
It is always a pleasure to grab the bottle out of the bar and enjoy a well served glass of this delicious rum :-D

Smooth, creamy, but also little woody and with the bit of cocoa. Definitely worth the money.

Boy! This is really good rum. There is a lot going on and a lot of subtlety. The nose is hard to pin down, but molasses, smokeyness, oak and sugar cane come through. Then when you taste it, it starts with much the same flavours as above and then gets a bit sweeter (maybe a touch of toffee and caramel), and then it finishes off quite dry but with a vague touch of a honey flavour on the lips. It seems to do an awful lot at a very good price.

Having read the descriptions here, I thought that this might be a little too dry and a little too oaky and smokey for my tastes, but it isn't - it's really very balanced between slight sweetness and slight dryness - that has to be down to good rum blending. This is definitely a top sipper, especially for the price - roughly 40 quid.

I prefer unsweetened and with no added flavor rums, La Hechicera hits all the starts, it is a dry rum, with coffee, orange and oaky notes that is easy to drink. I prefer it on the rocks, so smooth that I have never had just one.

I přes svou přátelskost byla Kolumbie na dlouhé roky očarována vlivem moci nechvalně proslulého Pabla Escobara. Jako jeden z podpůrných argumentů proti přetrvávajícím negativním předsudkům o této krásné zemi, mohu uvést, že se zde narodila jedna poctivá čarodějka (La Hechicera), která se svou misí začala cestovat celým rumovým světem, aby opět hrdě vztyčila kolumbijskou vlajku na každé své zastávce. Pokud můžete, rozhodně si setkání s ní ujít nenechávejte. Ač čarodějka, je pravá a poctivá, protože na vás nedělá žádné umělé cukr-bliky, takže jí můžete věřit každou odhalenou vlastnost. Na vůni u ní příliš nespěchejte, ať se neochudíte o poctivé dubové dřevo s lehoučkými náznaky kávy či tabáku. Chuťově se prezentuje jako velmi jemná, vyvážená, vyzrálá, uzavřená minimální přírodní nasládlostí. Její kouzla nejsou nikterak složitá, vykouzlené chutě rychle přichází i odchází, takže zachytit vše, o co vás může čarodějka obohatit, je jen pro rychlé a bystré „oko“. Setkání je však natolik příjemné, že si jej rádi zopakujete a možná si z něj odnesete i něco nového navíc..

Its very specific in nose as well as in mouth. People who enjoy aromatic rums will love its smoothness and fruity taste. People who look for something more mature and distinguished should look somewhere else.

In the nose there is something special, maybe caramel, maybe toffee. The taste includes many different tones, chocalate, coffee, caramel. Really great.

Delicious this what to expect ffrom a medium to dry rum delicate balance that is awsome

Found accidently in Bogotá in a Jumbo store. (You cannot really find it even in COL.) The first catchy thing was the appearence of the bottle, and the price also indicated it was something above the others. It has a harmonic taste and aroma, you can clearly feel the caramel, but also a bit of alcoholic burn. A very good rum, much enjoyable, definitely a must-to-try, if you have the possibility.

Coffee and cacao in the nose. The same on the tongue, with some hard to identify fruit. Plums? A bit rough though - meaning that the alcoholic burn sets in pretty fast. The finishing then again nice and smooth, a little bitter, coffee again.

Wow, good discovery.After a long distillery tradition, Riascos family, brother & sister decide to create their own rum. The result is a non extra sugar added very smooth aged in oak barrel. Vanilla is very subtile. Florale & fruity notes. In palate, fruit aromas are growing with apple, orange and other notes I can not identify. Dry and sweet at the same time. The bottle has a subtle design and the wax seal is awesome. This rum is the perfect transition between molasse & agricole. Looking forward to the future creations.

First time I taste a good Colombian rum. It’s quite balanced and can he drink alone. Still, it isn’t more than a 7 for me

While there are likely some pricier options out there this is my personal favorite so far from Colombia

Lo estuve buscando años hasta que lo encontré finalmente en Alemania. Pero valió la pena la espera, un sutíl toque a alcohol en el paladar. Pero a la vez mucha suavidad, mucha fruta, café y caramelo. De los mejores rones que he probado.


I like the sweeter rums, and this one is sweet, but not overly so, and still quite dry. Very nice nose when you open the bottle and very gentle on the palate with notes of chocolate, coffee and a reminiscence of tobacco. That last one principally on the tongue, a while after. No afterburn at all. Will definitely go back!

Very easy to drink. Fried banana aromas in the nose, sweet entry with a more smoky mineral finish.

Notes de cafe et de chocolat.
Pas trop sucré. Doux et rond en bouche.
Agréable à siroter.

Assemblage de rhums Colombiens entre 12 et 21 ans selon la méthode Solera.
Tout d'abord, comment ne pas être attiré par l'emballage vif et coloré, ainsi que par cette magnifique bouteille, sur laquelle est écrite la promesse: "directement du fût à la bouteille, rien d'ajouté entre les deux"!
A l'heure des rhums 2.0, ça fait plaisir de savoir qu'on se retrouve face à un rhum pur et naturel!
Au nez, je détecte les notes de prune et de café annoncées.
En bouche, la première chose qui me surprend est sa rondeur, pour un rhum sans sucre ajouté il est très doux en première impression! On sent des arômes boisés, chocolatés et une petite pointe d'orange. Il est très agréable, riche et équilibré. La brûlure de l'alcool n'arrive vraiment qu'en fin de bouche...

Une très belle découverte: je conseille vraiment ce rhum!

My first 10 points. This will be a longer review. Tasted at room temperature.

Bottle: This rum is called Enchantress for a reason. Once my eyes fell on this beautiful lady, I was completely spellbound. Nice blue seal, cap made of dark wood imitation with Hechiceras logo engraved into it. Simple, but impressive design.

Color: Looks like dark honey inside the bottle, but once you put it into glass, it gains light gold color with touch of amber.

Smell: I remember when I was like 4-5 years old, my grandfather used to make cigars from his own tobacco and papers. He had a box with tobacco, and filled cigar papers with his hands and I helped him many times with it. I can still remember smell of that tobacco on my fingers. And La Hechicera reminds me a lot about this tobacco and this time generally. There is a slight smell of alcohol, nice smell of tobacco and a little bit of coffe. I really enjoy smell of this rum.

Taste: There is no added sugar inside this rum and it makes Hechicera pretty dry as it only gains is sweetness naturaly. It is very smooth and creamy in your mouth and you can taste some oak and tobacco inside. After you send it down your throat you have that smoky feeling inside your mouth like that you just finished your hookah and you are ready to make clouds of smoke from it. Hechicera then leaves a bit salty aftertaste in your mouth, mixed with taste of smoke, oak and tobacco.

For me this is one of the best rums I have ever tasted and definitely becoming one of my most favorite ones. I do recommend it at least for tasting, but if you like very sweet or very spiced rums, Hechicera will probably not be the right choice for buying whole bottle as it is dry and smoky and pretty straight in taste. But hell, I will definitely enjoy my bottle.


Nice aroma, no alcohol burn in taste. Wood and chocolate aftertaste. Not bad but also nothing exceptional.