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I came upon this smooth, diverse deceiving dark rum when I went to the island of St. Thomas. When you go to the Bonus Rum store on the island, you'll see lots of merchandise (e.g. T-shirts, hats, cups) with the logo and the slogan "smooth rum for the rough seas".

The reason I say this rum is deceiving is because you see the logo and think pirates, and for me other brands with pirates or similar (e.g. Captain Morgan, Kraken) are not for sipping per se, but for mixing and for the masses.

Bones is for everything and everyone: on the rocks, in a daiquiri, frozen drink, sweet drink, boozy drink, in some dessert, whatever. Just put some Bones in it.

One of the most diverse rums on the market (what Bacardi is to most, and wants to be), everyone should have it in their cabinet, especially since it only costs $20-$22 a bottle, but it's only sold in the U.S. Virgin Islands (maybe even St. Thomas) for now. This is America people, they need to bring this to the mainland.

I take a trip to the island once a year, and like a doofus only buy 2 bottles, I'll buy at least 4 next time. The internet says it doesn't exist anymore, but trust me Bones is still in St. Thomas, I was just there.

Came across this one at a road side/ Sea side Rum Bar in St. Thomas. Fun bar, pour your own frozen drinks with several bottles of Bones rum to fill your cup as you please (fairly dangerous but super fun) rum itself is fair. Typical gold rum comparable to a Bacardi gold. Sweet aroma hints of brown sugar and molasses. A heavy burn. A cant help myself and I but at least 2 bottles every trip

I picked this up in St. Thomas and wish I had gotten more! Very, very smooth! Slight alcohol aroma, but it doesn't carry through in the flavor to me. Has a nice slow burn and no harshness or bitterness at all. This rum is so smooth I almost hate the thought of mixing it, but it makes an awesome rum and coke or painkiller. I can guarantee that I will be picking up more when I find it! Might have to book another cruise to St. Thomas soon!

This is a very smooth, light gold rum. It's a little too light to be an amber, but is very nice. An easy sipper, and I'm willing to bet would make an excellent rum and coke. Having said that, I feel like it's somewhat 2 dimensional. Its so smooth, I almost feel l Iike something is missing. Almost hard to believe it's 80 proof it's so smooth, until you sniff it. Highly recommended, especially if you plan to drink a lot. Quite nice for the price.

I just happened to find this rum on a trip to St. Thomas many years ago. They were still in the process of opening the store. I bought 2 bottles and they didn't last very long. On my next trip I bought 4. I still have one that I've yet to open because I fear once it's cracked it will go fast and we don't have another trip planned anytime soon. This is the smoothes rum I've had to date.

I look forward to my trips to the Virgin Islands for some Bones Rum. It is awesome in Pain Killers and other mixed drinks. Fresh from the store or brought home in a fifth, Bones won't disappoint.

The other reviewers bought theirs in St. Thomas; I bought mine in St. Croix, still the USVI. In my humble opinion, this is a golden light rum, not truly dark and with much less taste than the finest dark, sipping rums. For sipping I would go with a top end rum like the Zacapa, especially the 23 year old or XO. But in fairness, these rums are 3-5 times as expensive as Bones, so that's apples and oranges. However it also gets blown away by the Flor de Cana, 12 year old, which is only about 10% more than Bones. BUT, Bones is exceptionally smooth, with a slight alcohol nose and finish. That makes it perfect as a mixer with juices or cola. I agree it is a good value. And, it is great fun to find an American rum that is top class. Definitely try it if you're in the USVI!! Would be great to see it State-side.

the best rum i have ever tried mixes perfect and so smooth straight gonna have to take a trip to the source

Definitely on top of my list, great spiced rum and very smooth drinking well alone or mixed. Nice on the palate....