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Ron Cubay Reserva Especial is made in Santo Dominco, Villa Clara (the centre of Cuba) by Cuba Ron S.A, which also produces Havana Club. The rum is matured 10 years before bottling.

Ron Cubay rum production began in 1964, but it was only released for export in 2010. The rum is aged in North American White Oak Barrels.

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Smooth and spicy with a wooden pepper flavour.
Relatively high priced. Ideally for mixing.


Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Kuba
Aroma: Plná, kořenitá vůně, kde ale první housle hraje výrazná kůže. Dále hřebíček a skořice. Stylově se blíží k Barcelo Imperial, tohle já můžu... (86 b)
Chuť: Středně plné tělo, Vánoční koření, v dochuti jemné tabákové tóny. Chuť vyznívá suše a kořenitě, sladkost zde budete hledat marně. (84 b)
Body: 85
Shrnutí: Koupil jsem na blind, o téhle značce jsem nikdy neslyšel. Celkem slušný rum, který nezklame ani neurazí.Fotka trochu zkresluje barvu, ve skutečnosti byl světlejší.

Has something going on. It’s a nice aged taste and a lot better than similarly priced rums. I would probably get round to buying again. Not sure about the bottle or plastic label though.

Bottle: Too ordinary, nice relief of Cuba - 0/0,5
Colour: Dark amber
Aroma: Very nice. I smell some vanilla and other sweet tones. - 1/2
Taste: It is not agressive on the tongue. Sweet. Somewhat unpleasant. Probably good for mixing.- 2/5,5
Aftertaste: Strong aftertaste. - 1/2

Tried the Ron Cubay Reserva Especial on my last trip to Havana and I have to say what a disappointment for a 10 year old Cuban rum. Strong alcohol smell, strong alcohol taste and strong burn. Why to buy a 10 year old rum and then having to mix it with Coke, when there is a world out there full of much better rum.

I expected more for 11 years nothing special. I bought it in cuba

There is nothing wrong with this rum, but ultimately it leaves me a little indifferent. Others have said it is good as a mixer, but I am not a fan of mixing rum, so straight up it is. I can drink it quite happily and easily. Smooth...vanilla and caramel, with a nice gentle bite on the finish from the spirit. Medium bodied, short-medium length with caramel and hints of coffee and a fine dryness.

Would I buy again? Probably. Maybe! But..... I wouldn't rush out to get another bottle, not least because of the price. Taking off all the Duty and sales taxes, this is 50% more than my current favourites and go to rums of Sunset Captain Bligh and/or Bermudez 1852 Aniversario 12yo, both of which I find much more interesting, complex and rewarding to drink.

Tenhle rum jsem dostal k Vanocum. Opravdu si ho uzivam, na kazde ochutnani mi prijde trosicku jiny.
Vune: vanilka, rozinky
Chut: ne prilis sladky, koreni, pepr, dub, lehce hrejiva

Mantiene sempre lo stile cubano ma molto più secco da mandare giù. Se si vuole provare qualcosa di più forte è l'ideale. Non per principianti o amanti del rum leggero-morbido.

Nice Cuban ron, has the tasting notes one expects. Has a short and slightly bitter aftertaste which prevents it from getting a higher score.

You expect a smooth taste and it kicks like a mule with afterburner

Nothing surprising just good rum. nothing special but good

cekal jsem od tohoto rumu trosku vice.
surovejsi, mene aromaticky, alkoholovejsi chut, nutno pretestovavat.


Good for sipping or mix.

I like to compare cuban rums to havana club 7 as it is the most known one. This Cubay 10yo is so much smoother than hc7, but still has the typical cuban wood and leather thing without exagerating like the havana clubs, but it offers much more than that (as I am no pro I cant describe it well sorry). You can drink it on ice great, but it does also a perfect Cuba Libre. In both cases it leaves a fantastic aftertaste. Great choice altough a bit expensive for just a 10yo (directly in Cuba it already costs 30 CUC, almost 27 Euro, wonder what it costs outside Cuba...). For now my absolute favorite Cuba Libre (with lime and two drops of angostura ), it will be hard to return to other rums when the bottle is empty as I have no idea how to get it where I live.