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Ron Cubay Anejo is made in Santo Dominco, Villa Clara (the centre of Cuba) by Cuba Ron S.A, which also produces Havana Club. The rum is matured 7 years before bottling.

Ron Cubay rum production began in 1964, but it was only released for export in 2010. The rum is aged in North American White Oak Barrels.

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24 Ron Cubay Anejo ratings

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Toto je rum, kterým to u mě opravdu začalo. Skvělý poměr výkon / cena. Jemný, chutná i mé drahé, ne příliš sladký, jak často podobné ruky jsou

Alkohol: 37,5 %
Původ: Kuba
Aroma: Kůže, hutná zemitost, čokoláda, perník, trocha propolisu. (84 b)
Chuť: Sladká uhlazenost, velmi medová chuť, velejemná, bez jakékoliv štiplavosti. Je to rum velmi jemný, ale není nevýrazný. Pro ženy a mazlíčky jako dělaný. (84 b)
Body: 84
Shrnutí: Velmi pěkný poměr výkon/cena, obzvlášť pro ty, co hledají jemnost a sladkost v chuti.

Ça pique un peu et c'est pas très goutu. Bref c'est pas très bon.

Nice flavour and inexpensive (in Cuba). Not bad for sipping with ice or mixing with cola and lime.

Toto je rum, kterým to u mě opravdu začalo. Skvělý poměr výkon / cena. Jemný, chutná i mé drahé, ne příliš sladký, jak často podobné ruky jsou

This bottle is apreciated by the locals in Cuba. That bottle will keep the party going.

I bought a bottle of this to enjoy with my late night cigars on the balcony of my room in Veradero. With an ice cube, it provided the perfect end to the day. So smooth and relaxing and so incredibly Cuban.

Se boit bien même sans accompagnement mais dans les cubains je préfère un peu le santiago.

mixer rum with little flavour and depth ,a cheap rum that does not even begin to talk about drinking this paraffin neat. It’s a cocktail base and that’s all for me

A good dark Cuban rum that has flavour to it with fruit aroma

zde lepší varianta než 10 letý bratr stejné značky. zde se to zrovna nepovedlo :)

Sampled this light Cuban Rum (38% ABV) with fruity and coffee aromas and an oaky finish. This Rum is definitely a bargain @ $7.60 CUC for a 70 cl bottle in Cuba. In spite of the low price this Rum is a decent bargain sipper.

dobře pitelný, nic zajímavého v něm nění, ale je to jeden z rumu nejlepšího poměru cena/výkon

Too bad that this Rum is hard to find outside of Cuba. Price is nice as well as taste. Little less sweet than Havana Club family.
Still 100% local and natural.

Ron Cubay Anejo
Nice rum with smooth honey flavour
good for sipping with rocks or also for mixers

Questo rum ha un buon carattere deciso. Non male per un anejo cubano. Consigliabile per qualità prezzo

Fair price / quality ratio. Average everyday rum. Fair score 6/10.

Liked this one best from our trip to cuba verry nice on its own and great for mixing

Great drink for your hip flask while sat watching the football in the peak of winter.

Discovered this rum in Cuba and was surprised. Everyone always talks about Havana club but Cuba is much better. The smooth dark red label is my favorite but the dark brown label is also very tasty. I like it best with ginger ale however it mixes very nicely with mango or guava juice.

Very decent, typically Cuban. Not too different from the Havana Club Anejo Especial. Maybe a little sweeter. I remember I liked it better than the Santiago de Cuba. In all Cuban rums I get a lot of oak, liquorice and aniseed and the Cubay is no different, but it's not unpleasant or overpowering. Also I like the compactness of flavours in Cubans and in this particular rum. They have a solid feel to them.

I really liked this rum on my visit to Cuba - I preferred this one to Havana club

Nothing special , ok for mixing.

Honey and ginger tasting. Mixed with a strong run taste.