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Brugal anejo rum

Brugal Anejo rum is a blend of rums aged 3 to 5 years in used American white Oak barrels that previously held whiskey and bourbon.

The rum is produced in the Dominican Republic by Brugal & Co., a company that was founded in the late 1800s by the Spaniard Andrés Brugal Montaner. Today, the Brugal rum company remains largely in the control of Montaner's direct descendants.

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This is a solid rum, preferably for drinks that require a dynamite rum that can "show through". This rum gives you the sense of a fine Caribbean rum, but doesn't quite have the age required to bring it to the levels of the island sippers.

For the money not to shabby and not overly sweet. Neat it's slightly neutral with clean light oak supplemented by subtle vanilla and caramel without being edgy, but it's obviously meant for mixing. Makes for a good cheap cocktail base.

Mein 6. Rating:
Es wurde mal wieder Zeit einen etwas preisgünstigeren Rum zu testen. Bei der Recherche stieß ich immer wieder auf den Brugal Anejo Superior. Dieser hat relativ gute Kritiken erhalten und gibt es im Supermarkt zu kaufen.

Preis: ca. 14-16€

Irgendwie würzig und vanillig-süß, aber auch etwas sprittig.

Geschmack pur (Note 5):
Zuerst kommt diese Würze im Mund an. Schmeckt irgendwie etwas "faulig". Danach breitet sich der Alkohol aus, um einer leichten Süße zu weichen. Schmeckt komisch und dabei noch langanhaltend im Nachklang.

Geschmack in Cola (Note 4):
Hier geht alles unter, nur dieser faulige Geschmack bleibt.
Könnte vergammelte Kokosnuss sein? Süße, vergammelte Kokosnuss!
Schmeckt irgendwie komisch, aber nun auch nicht soo schlecht.

Der Brugal schafft es nicht an dem 3-jährigen Havana Club vorbei. Er ist zwar süßer und geschmacklicher, aber der Geschmack ist so eigenwillig und komisch, dass dies nicht unbedingt ein Pluspunkt darstellt. Da gefällt mir der Plantation original dark besser.

Never liked this rum, not even for mixing. It's harsh and lacks flavor. Will not buy it again (life's too short to drink bad rum...)

I really expected more from this rum, the taste is fade and there is not a real follow up in the aftertaste, it lacks fullness and persistance.


Very classic Caribbean rum with the usual flavours

I highly recommend this bottle. For straight shots its great, also its amazing with coke if straight up is not your thing. All around one of my favorites always have a few bottles on deck. Can't beat the price point for the quality around here.

This is another solid rum from Brugal and is nice on ice but better as a mixer.

Spicy rum. Only had a glass, I would need to give it another try to better rate this one. Quite sweet in my cuba libre.

A good mixer with just about anything but wouldn't recommend drinking on the rocks. Good price for a mixer would buy again for mixing

Brugal Añejo
Origine : République Dominicaine
Nez : toasté, réglisse
Bouche : toasté sur le caramel, sur le pain grillé avec un petit côté épicé
Ce rhum est parfait pour des cocktails mais il ne possède simplement pas la finesse nécessaire pour être but seul.

My brother had this bottle and let me try it , I have tried the aged expensive Brugal siglo de or at a rum tasting I fined the anejo shared a lot of similarity to its older and more expensive brother , the anejo bottle comes in at a very reasonable price with smooth and earthy tones not to sweet and easy mixing or sipping this bottle is very easy to share with others or enjoy by ones self . Thumbs up for this bottle

I use this rum to mix my cuba-libre. Its a nice price and it tastes good.


My friend R.G. picked this bottle from my collection to open. I was not expecting too much from a $28can bottle ,but when we first tried it on the rocks , it was smooth with very little burn. It has a deep amber colour ,with a burnt sugar and oak flavour, light spice taste with a well balanced finish. Mixing with coke after made a great mixed drink. This will be a permanent addition to my cabinet, but needs to be ordered in from the LCBO. I only wish they had the 1888 available to be ordered ,I would like to try it.

It's a simple rum to mix with not for sipping has some flavour

i tried this one, but i found a very stinky old Barrel taste.

Barcelo Anejo was provided once we checked into our resort room. At first I was taken back by its whiskey like aroma upon opening. However, once mixed with a small amount of cola you have an extremely drinkable cocktail in your glass. I've taken a few neat swigs of this rum and it has been enjoyable.


No me gusta el sabor, no me gusta el estilo y no me dice nada

Brugal Añejo is very easy to drink for me. I´d like to reccomend it for its price.

Ότι λέει ο τίτλος ........ δε χρειάζεται να μπεις σε λεπτομέρειες .........

Not much to say really. I could be biased from drinking this rum in cold rum n'cokes in late night merengue clubs over in DR but then I could also have an incredible taste ;-)

Sip it with a little ice and a splash of water. Add honey if you want.

Brugal Añejo rum from the Dominican Republic - in the perhaps updated version, with the more-blue label appearing as in photos from other commenters - is to my taste very pleasant, smooth, drinkable, a bit towards the elegantly dry side as Brugal suggests, without harshness as is sometimes found in rums of this modest price level. Not as distinguished in flavouring as others, but to me very drinkable on its own without mixing. Not sure about the fishnet on the bottle LOL

Easy going vanilla aroma. Some smokiness and strong abv part which fades out a bit through long aftertaste. Would not be my preferred choice for easy drinking in the evening... too harsh...


I expected more. It has really nice odor, but it tastes like flour or vanilla then the real rum tastes kicks in, but it is kind of strong and heavy. You can get easily get drunk with that if you are not too careful. I'm a bit disappointed, because on the same price or even lower you can get twice better Rum than that. I'm really not sure how to feel about this. It may be a great taste if your only rum so far is bacardi.

Brugal anejo rum