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Myerss platinum white rum

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Got a bottle of Myers's Platinum White Rum from a local grocery store on my last night here at Mexico City. Bottle and label design looks decent. Strong alcohol and such a burn to your nose and palate. This is not a neat sipper due to such a strong burn, so mix it up with your favorite soda.


Adequate for a rum & coke but that's about it. This review may be a bit jaded based on the fact that I had sampled some of the better rums in the world just the day before.

Just another white rum but not as bad as the other over produced white Rums on the market . This is a decent mixer and if it stood there with Bacardi, Brugal or Ro RICO I would choose Myers only because it does have some character over most white Rums. Sweet , balanced and not overly harsh . This to me is just an everyday white that is just passable as white Rums go.

Not a bad rum. It's not a great mixer or a sipper. Sweet buttery flavor with a burn finish.

Perfect mixer with Schwepp's Tonic. I can tell it's Myer's. I usually drink the dark. But tried this. Just as good. A tinge of fruity. Luv it! - Tiki Eric, Texas Gulf Coast

I may be an oddball on this one, but I really like it in mixes and with Cola. a little on the sweet side but I will always have a bottle in my cabinet.

This rum is very ordinary; I wouldn't regard it as a "platinum" white. Somewhat dry; not much flavor when taken straight. I actually prefer the Bacardi Superior, which has a small hint of sugarcane and vanilla. This is mostly just alcohol, and would probably serve much better as a mixer; but I rate rums based on their taste straight.

I'm not a huge fan of white rums, but this is perfect for many cocktails.

Of all the "white rums", this has the best flavor, a good mixer for a Pina Colada or a Cuba Libre.

This Jamaican Styled White rum is an exemplar of this style. It is not everywhere so if you see one even in 50ML bottles get some! An interesting nosing which is actually complex with a sweet cane on top of some funky spice. The taste comes at you very spicy and bold and funky a classic Jamaican Pot still rum with lots of Dunder. Very smooth and flavorful on its fairly long finish. Contrary to a previous reviewer I would have to say this lands amongst one of the better white rums a must try!

Not much flavor, but at least not as harsh or gasoliney as some other white rums in its price range. El Dorado 3 yr, Matuasalem Platino, Denizen - all much better choices for a white rum. Banks 5 Island can't be beaten if you want to spend substantially more money.

For years I've enjoyed Myers's Dark as a reliable mixer so I had high hopes for this. The Platinum tastes like a milder Jamaican rum, but it has a subtle industrial flavor to it. It's fine with cola or other mixed drink when choices are limted, but there are others I prefer. I'd rate this 4.5 if I could.