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Cuba libre el dorado 15 year rum

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9 Cuba libre el dorado 15-Year ratings

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My new favorite rum. Had it on the rocks at Lone Wolf in Chicago for $14.

Delicious nose. Vanilla and banana taste. Smooth, really good sweetness and no burn. Excellent neat

I tried the El Dorado 15 and found it to be a very good rum, but just short of the 12 year variety. The scent of fruit and wood is very present from The first opening of The cork.

Very good rum, but I still prefer the 12-year-old version. This one is a little drier than that one.

Kanske bäst. Jättegod. 43%, en skvätt vatten? Bäst av 12, 15, 21?

Ještě nedávno jsem považoval Diplomatico Reservu Exclusivu za "základ", díky kterému lze porovnávat vše ostatní, nicméně bylo překonáno. Ve srovnání není tak sladké, pro některé až přeslazené, veškeré chutě hezky vystupují, stejně jako vůně. Alkohol není téměř vůbec cítit a jak nadpis napovídá, lze tento rum považovat za nutnost :)

Now this rum has a pretty deep and complex body. In the nose i got a lot of ethanol, but when I sip it there is no strong taste of alcohol at all. There is some sugar together with lots of different tastes like wood, caramel, some fruits... you have to try this one.

Altogether it is a pretty good rum, but I definitely prefer a Centenario 30yo, Opthimus, QRM or UNHIQ, which are of course a lot more expensive.

Pleasant on the nose and a delightful sweet finish.

New to rum drinking and trying to find my way. I favour the sweeter rums and albeit that may be frowned upon by some here, it is where my taste carries me.
I used to be an avid (sherry) whisky drinker and have recently changed my ways to rum.
Without regret! I got this bottle from one of my colleagues for my recent marriage. It has been here for 4 days and I can't stop myself drinking it.

It is sweet, round and deep. Woody flavour a with a nice mix of vanilla and deep caramel.

So far my favourite. Going good road try diplomatic and zacapa next.

Please. I also own the 12 and that one is almost just as good.