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Havana Club White rum is produced by Bacardi in Puerto Rico for the US market and is based on the original recipe and yeast that was purchased by Bacardi from the Arechabala family.

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80 proof. Sip test, no ice
Resembles rum, but very green with ethanol finish. It is an unaged white rum, fairly smooth as they have printed on the bottle, but it is pricey and is piggybacking on the original Cuban Havana Club brand (I have not yet tested).
Empty glass lingering nose indicates fireplace ash. Sipping is an effort. Not worth the $26 per 750 cost, even as a mixer.

Very strong alcohol smell. Almost like jet fuel. Very little flavor and what little there is is fairly bitter leading to a rather harsh burn. I have tried the real Cuban Havana Club rum and this stuff doesn't hold a candle to the authentic Cuban stuff. The bottle reads that it's "Puerto Rican Rum". Puerto Rico should disown this swill.

Very clean and clear when poured neat. There are some light floral notes on the nose, but they are overpowered by the alcohol. In the mouth, there is a bit of rum flavor, but an astringent-ness that resemble moonshine. It's palatable, but not enjoyable on it's own. Decent in a Cuba Libre or Mojito.

It’s actually made in Puerto Rico. Also not worth your time.

This is fuel grade booze. Period. I wouldn't even spike a punch with it.

The aroma is sweet but that's it. The taste is smooth with very light burn. The finish is not short with flavor of molasses. In my opinion, it can be used for sipping but it'll be boring (almost like drinking vodka). Due to the lack of big flavors, it's more suitable for mixing. I prefer the Bacardi version ( Bacardi silver superior) because it's a bit more flavorful and delivers a stronger punch.

I love a good mojito! The best mojitos I've ever had are always in Cuba. I tried to recreate when I got home... and it wan't until I used Havana Club White that I got it right. It has a distinct taste... which on it's own or even with Coke isn't the best. But when it's time to make the perfect mojito... Havana Club White is what you need to use! End of story. To summarize.... if you make a mojito... use this rum... otherwise, pass.

This stuff tastes like vodka, which is fine if you want vodka. If you're going to be mixing it I suppose it will do, but there is not enough flavor for this to stand alone. Disguise it without hesitation.

This is produced by Bacardi and not affiliated with Havana Club Cuban Rum. It was the subject of a prolonged lawsuit that settled in 2012. As of December 2014 it was available only in the US states of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts and Michigan.

I've never tasted Cuban Havana Club so I tried this with no expectation of what it should taste like. It's smooth and aromatic, great on ice and makes a superb rum and tonic. I'll be buying more of this the next time I'm in Michigan.