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Brugal 1888 rum

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107 Brugal 1888 ratings

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This rum is very sweet. However it's smoothness is exceptional. Not quite worth the price point but overall a very good rum.

The rum market is flooded in blended ''premium'' rums, with little to no personality, and nothing to distinguish them from the other ''premium'' blended rums. Sure this has a pleasant flavour, but it just doenst do anything out of the ordinary.

Fantastic nose on this one, and a wonderful smooth, oaky flavour to follow. You really can't go wrong with this. Easily better than pretty much everything else in it's price bracket in Western Canada (~$45).

para una tarde de cartas con los amigos este fiel compañero se hace presente con su sabor dulce y afrutado de los rones de isla me encanta su color ambar dorado en nariz fabulosas notas de mi niñez

Brugal is a dry rum and the 1888 is finished in a shery cask and is still to dry for me. But a great Mix

... well, not much else. Dry. Smooth. Not really memorable. Tried to find something to latch on to, couldn't get there. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing truly special either.

Burned sugar, vainilla, caramel, and a bit herbal. A bit of alcohol but fairly smooth. On the dry side, of you prefer dry rums this is a good option.

un rhum très doux. un gout de caramel, de chocolat et de canelle. franchement il est très bon, parmi les brugal c est le meilleur.


Clasat Rum. One can feel the rich cask taste from the moment the bottle is opened. Aromatic, matured rum, the woody white oak makes its presence felt throughout the sip, taste and aftertaste. Didn' t expect much from it but it really impressed me.

Great rum, luxury looking bottle, nice colour and full spicy tase that heatens your throat a long after swallowing

Way better than its little brother Brugal XO/Extra Viejo. More complex, more balanced. Spicy but not too much, sweet but not too much, on the dryer side while "smooth". At 49$, good quality for the price.

Quite dry and strong, but taste is good. If you like dry rums, this could be for you.

Maybe it's just my personal preference but I like my rums a bit sweeter than this. Otherwise it's enjoyable, just not my thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

En ganske god rom ikke nogen fantastisk den er en smule spritet

This is our go to. Excellent at about $55. Very smooth, carmel, with some nutty notes.

Definitely the best rum that is readily available in the states.

molasses. half dry.
vanilla. wood. spice. fruit. in the aftertaste more spicy, although not boring!
as a whole a little too thin in the end. the rest ist really nice, elegant and full of harmony!

Very good sipper, but I prefer sweeter and with more flavour. Beautiful bottle.


Notes of oak and caramel on the nose, more oak and vanilla on the tongue. Dry finish. Good all around, but not really exceptional. Likely there are better options for most people in this price range.

A pleasure to sip. Yes it's a tad dryer than most rums but it doesn't affect the experience of sipping this gem. So smooth with many nutty flavors to enjoy along with cinnamon and brown sugar. Will always find itself on my shelf.

Sophisticated dry Rum. My first in this category. Sort of like a sweet scotch but still a great Rum. A keeper.


rhum doux, qui passe tout seul dans la gorge sans rien bruler mais qui manque de saveur, de caractère. Trop plat. Je note 6 pour le gout et 8 pour la douceur.

A must have !
Complex, deep, sofisticated
Love it

A treat taste, color and after taste... excelent w/ one ice only

What is it good enough to want him to drink more? What better than others? The smell is not attractive. In the taste of alcohol is felt strongly. The finish is not memorized. Dry, rough, expensive.