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Brugal 1888 rum

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It's a nice rum but just not worth the price. While you can taste that it has been aged twice and it gives this rum quite a unique style It just doesn't quite come off. It will slide down smoothly though and you'll finish it quickly if you let yourself.

Dry, not too sweet, I find it a really good sipper. Bought it on sale ($5 off), good stuff!

Very good rum from the Brugal family. Excellent!!!

What a bargain this bottle is. Double aged in white oak and first fill sherry cask. It has a pure expression and according to hydrometer test's, a fairly small amount of added sugar. The nose gives away roasted coffee beans, brown sugar, leather, tobacco, oaky tannins and sherry cask. On the palate I get, once again, leather, tobacco, oak and brown sugar, but also roasted nuts and a hint of dried fig's roll's over the tongue. It has a nice body, not to sweet and slightly dry, unlike so many other overly sweet dominican rum. It has great texture in the mouth and a nice lingering, spicy little burn at the end.
It doesn't excel at any particular point, but for the money, it's just a great no nonsense sipper, perfectly enjoyed in the sun.

I always keep a nice bottle of this around. Definitely one of the better Brugals out there.

Brugal 1888 is a brainteaser for me in the sense that during the first testing at the best rum bar in Chicago it tasted very good, strong vanilla but not over powering and sweet enough without being just loaded with sugar, and hardly any burn. Then the following day I got a bottle of it and tried it several times during the next 3 days and it was not that good at all. Strong unpleasant flavor and a strong burn, so it felt to be a very different rum to me altogether. I have to give it another chance in the future.

Ikke den bedste i skabet. Men okay. Er lidt stærk i smagen.

Antique aromas, not sweet like others,it took me way back in memories and gave me a happy feeling. Despite the fact I have too many I felt functional and I had no hangover the day after, what else can you ask for?

It's not sweet but very pleasant. Flavor goes to burbon because the long storage in burbon oak barrels.

Very rich aroma of old wood's and very nice taste, same taste as the aroma.

I've tried almost their entire catalog, and the reviews for most of their line are spot on. They're average. The 7.6 rating this got gave me hope. Unfortunately it was misplaced hope. It's got very little to comment on aside from being harsh, and not very rum like. It reminds me too much of a bourbon. I drink rum for rum, not for wannabe spirits.

Ce rhum est un bon rhum de Mélasse qui se boit facilement.toutefois il lui manque quelque chose pour en etre fan.En effet les notes toffee et de gout sherry sont là .mais il manque de complexité et de longueur.A 36e a grauonline c est une bouteille interessante mais je prefere à ce prix un pasador de oro xo ou un millonario 15 ans qui ont un plus et surtout un presidente 19 ou 23 a 37e et 40e a grauonline.
La bouteille est par contre belle et fera un beau cadeau.

Classic high end product with a smooth finishing and a slightly sweet aftertaste. Perfect for on the rocks drinking

Heerlijke rum om puur aan te sippen. Redelijk zoet en zacht. Ik drink het graag on the rocks

It was one of the first great rums I tried. Enjoyed it a lot. And still enjoy.
It's dry and good for a night in the balcony.

At $50 a bottle, their are many other rums I would spend the money on. Having said that, the 1888 is a drier rum but offers complex flavors with just a slight burn.
Meant to be enjoyed neat as the price tag is steep to mix. That is what the $5-$15 rums are for aged for a year or so.

Little sweet and smooth very enjoyable and flavoured

I love all Brugal rums and this one is no exception. However I think that many of their lower range rums easily compete with this one.

The rum is a little dry, with bitter tones, a lot of spices in the smell and you nose the casks where it matured. The rum is smooth and soft, really a good first experience with a higher-grade (older) Brugal.

The nose opens on some tropical flowers and spices.
Then taste vanilla, toffee and honey.
A good balance of sweetness, some may call it too dry, and some purist even too sweet, I think it is just balanced for me. But overall it didn't make me crazy, will drink it again at the occasion, just won't buy a bottle.

Sugar: 3 GPL

A very nice rum in the price range. Smooth finish. Great on its own but mixes really well. Banana notes. Has really great flavor.

Color: tea, dark amber
Aroma: dried fruits, vanilla, chocolate
Taste: round and dry, medium body, moderately sweet, nutty, dried fruits, spices
Aftertaste: short, soft, sweet, oak bitterness

Good rum for sipping

Je to sladší rum. Velmi dobrý. Moje první zkušenost s touto značkou a určitě nezklamal.

My first observation was the darker color (mahogany) of the Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Rum. Once in the glass distinct scents of toffee, molasses and vanilla were mixed along with the oak aroma that I so appreciate. My first, second, and third sips did not disappoint either with a soft caramel taste that lingered and finished very smoothly with a slight but pleasant burn.

This is a keeper for sure and the price ($49 CAD) in my home Province (Quebec), and even cheaper ($39 CAD) in Ontario, is a bonus. For these reasons I am rating the Brugal 1988 Gran Reserva Rum a 9.