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I can now officially say that C. Ferrand's Plantation rum is one of my favorite brands (along with Diplomatico, El Dorado, Siesta Key, Clement, Kirk & Sweeney, and Vizcaya). This one is difficult to adequately describe. Definitely complex. The aroma is pungent and somewhat earthy. The alcohol is definitely present. Upon tasting it I am bombarded with several flavors well blended to create something unique. No specific flavor really jumps out at you. It is a bit sweet but counterbalanced well with an oakiness. It is extremely smooth with not a burn but an enveloping warmth that lingers for a bit with a tingle on the tongue then fading into....okay this is probably going to sound weird...a sort of cotton candy aftertaste. Not a strong cotton candy like at the county fair but a subtle version. I like it. This would make a wonderful sipping rum after a good meal at a top-of-the-line seafood restaurant (I'm biased...I live near the Gulf Coast in Florida) or any good restaurant equipped with a full bar (sadly most bars I encounter do not have premium rums).

Sa couleur acajou séduit au premier regard. Au nez, ce millésime 2001 exprime des effluves exotiques (ananas, mangue) et épicées (clou de girofle, muscade...). La dégustation révèle un rhum d'une belle rondeur, magnifié par la fraîcheur des notes de canne à sucre. Un rhum puissant qui exprime avec vigueur un caractère pleinement enraciné dans son île natale, la Jamaïque.

Smell: Honey and light oak? The smell has something I can't figure out, but I like it.

Taste: Going easy and slow with this and it changes on me. More honey and orange fruits with a finish that is foreign to me but delightful...possibly a vegetal or mint/basil note that stays only for a moment on the that the oak???? Well done.

Not on the sweet side either! Any spice that could be detected is going to be something like a coriander.

A truly great rum, that has managed to make me forget that it was aged in oak. I've been mixing other more expensive and extensively aged rums together to balance out problems with sweetness, over-oaking, and too much spice, but every drop of this rum will be enjoyed as it is in the bottle!

Yet another success with this vintage 2001 Plantation Jamaica. Vegetable and floral notes on the nose with oak that harmonizes the whole. A nice complexity which demonstrates the quality of the Master Blender . A very sweet rum with fruity notes of banana and pineapple with a very long final .

Sehr leicht, fast dünn. Mild, kurzer Nachhall. Ich brauche mehr Aroma.

This is a lovely Jamaican rum, full of flavor, just a touch of funk. Very recommendable.

Il est bien intéressant. Équilibé, épices-sucres. Alccol assez présent sans être dérangeant.

Lidt sprittet i starten men bliver hurtigt rund. Lidt skarp smag men lidt speciel.

Très bon rhum. Plutôt "léger". J'ai été surpris par les notes assez "bananes". Il se boit assez facilement, mais reste intéressant, et pas trop sucré.

Fruitée et épicée, c'est un Rhum avec beaucoup de caractère.

Forse per alcuni può essere un pò dolce ma grazie al suo profumo e sapore superbo va bene anche un po di zucchero.. Da non confondere con Jamaica 2000 che è una schifezza vergognosa in confronto, è facile sbagliare perchè la bottiglia è identica.

This rum was unremarkable. Slight sweetness, vanilla, and fruit notes but the ending was odd tasting somewhat like steam condensate smells. Will not repurchase.

Right off the bat, I have to say this is different then the few other Planation selections I have tried.
On the nose it almost reminds me of Pussers 15 year old.
The taste is fruity and a bit oily.
The finish is oaky and dry; maybe a bit too dry.
All and all not bad; I would give this a 6 maybe a 6.5.

Al naso, sentori di legno, frutti rossi, salamoia e una sensazione dolciastra di marshmallow strana per un jamaicano. Il gusto in bocca legno e banana con un finale non molto lungo.

Meget fin rom. Som er et godt bud på Rom med lidt sukker

One more time, i'm well pleased to taste a rum Plantation. This rum is well balanced, in mouth the alcohol is well present but not too much allowing you to enjoy fruity taste specially banana. The aftertaste is really pleasant and remember to your papillas what the pineapple taste like. Again a good one !

This rum is sweet and has a strong taste of dried banana.
Surprising, but still very good and well balanced.

Oh, nice surprise ! I really don't know how to describe the complexity of the taste of this rum. Not with too much power, not with too much sugar, there is balance between few flavor that make this bottle unique ! maybe try to understand...

Une bonne surprise pour ce Jamaïcain.
Sans ajout de sucre, mais sans être alcooleux, c'est un bel équilibre entre puissance et arômes. Ce sont des notes épicées qui se détachent.
Bon rapport qualité-prix.

This rum is a little dry, semi-oaky, and very drinkable.

If you're looking for an alternative to the sweet rum, but you're not quite ready for the high-ester, heavy jamaican pot still stuff, this is your ticket.

If you're a sugarpirate, the oaky, estery jamaican rum takes some getting used to. This bottle is your gateway to some fantastic pirate rum experiences.

Une attaque franche mais dôtée bonne longueur en bouche, une couleur miel clair et un panel fantastique d'arômes notamment fruités.

Belle intensité fruitée et épicée. Rhum puissant avec beaucoup de caractère.


Palette aromatique incroyable, avec une attaque puissante et une belle longueur en bouche. Top !!..

Très bel équilibre au nez où l'alcool se fond bien dans un ensemble sur le fruit mûr, la banane et l'agrume, avec un support épicé et de tabac, et un côté comme de craie intriguant mais agréable.
La bouche donne une attaque franche, légèrement chaude mais à peine, avec une allonge épicée (cannelle) et fruitée (banane).

Plantation jamaica 2001 rum orginal 400px