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even my whiskey friends enjoy sharing this rum with me.

If you like agricole rhum and cognac, I reccommend this.

Nose: floral, gorgeous, orange, light oak

Taste: honey, brown cane suger, but not too sweet,

Finish: apricot,

Sugar: 0 GPL. This is pure classic rum. No sugar or additives. Similar to the Mt Gay 1703 XO, but this rum has a natural sweetness with a trace of citrus from aging in cognac barrels. The wood, tobacco, honey,fruit, and vanilla are all present and balanced quite well in this mix. This rum has a strong flavour but is quite smooth with some bite. For those that don't like sweetened rum, this is a good one to purchase.

Vibrant oak and caramelized portobello mushrooms! Bitter chocolate and orange citrus! Bourbon vanilla! The nose is HUGE. The drink is dry and sharp almost stringent and bottled at 43.2 the heat numbs and lingers. I paired Blue Penny with Kiwi, black cherries, raw almonds, dried turkish apricots and extremely tart green just about to start blushing gravenstein apples. Fight fire with fire it's said and my oh my these acidic mates really brought out the warm smokey qualities of this rum.
I'm a fan and though pricey I have found a place that out the door lessens my wealth by $53.99 which is great because I have seen it around the $70.00 mark at a so called 'mega store'. Would I spend $70.00 for this rum? The competition is fierce at that mark and not just for rum!! Options are a plenty why not spend a little more and drink with the angels!? Well Penny Blue skies shine bright and life is good as is. At half a century this is top of the peak sipping rum for the Scotch whiskey and dry rum lovers.

Very tasty, very smooth sipping rum with fragrant oak, toffee and spice. Similar flavor profile to top-tier Bajans. It has a natural sweetness despite zero added sugar, color or filtering. My bottle is from Batch #1, distilled at 88 proof. Eager to try Batch #2, which is supposed to be even better, though I can't imagine how...

Update Nov. 2016...Just tried Batch #4. Excellent. 9/10.


Batch #001
Beautiful light yellow color.

Trying this neat and I am having a hard time placing the aromas. I will try with a few drops of water soon.

Mouth feels is what I would expect from a 44% ABV. Maybe the little water will change that.

Batch #002

I taste vanilla and oak with bourbon at the back. Reminds me strongly of Mount Gay. Will have to get a bottle of the XO Mount Gay to compare side to side. Nose is quite strong. Sweet with a dry finish. After some dark chocolate a mouthful tasted a bit like acetone so that was a pairing that did not work!!

Goût rond et aromatique, quoique un peu sec. Nez cependant sec et très piquant, tout comme la fin de bouche.

Ordered a shot of this at a local rum bar. (Twice.) Holy cow—this is some good stuff. Only slightly sweet, no added sugar, and very, very smooth. Slightly smokey from the barrel-aging. If only it wasn't so darned hard to find in my area...

Batch 001.

This is definitely a cognac aged rum, with a little whisky aging as well. I like it, but I think the cognac/whisky have a little too much influence. I generally prefer straight rum.

Smells and tastes of cognac, whisky, and a touch of vanilla and honey. Nice at 44%abv, but not enough rum flavor for me to rate it higher.

The nose smells orange and some oriental spices.They disappeare on the tongue, where I have oak and dates. The oak lasts as a very smooth aftertaste. A bit too much burn of alcool, though. A pity!

Un rhum excellent : le nez s'ouvre sur des notes de noyaux, d'amande... de kirsch un léger boisé- vanillé vient compléter avec discrétion ces subtiles effluves. La bouche apparaît plus simple, sèche, légèrement vineuse et orientée sur les épices. La finale est tout en subtilité, elle vous réchauffe le haut du palais.

An excellent rum: the nose opens with notes of kernels, almonds ... kirsch a light woody vanilla comes to complement with discretion these subtle fragrances. The mouth appears simpler, dry is slightly vinous and oriented on spices. The finish is all in subtlety, it warms you up the palate.


A solid, tasty rum, with a touch of heat. Oak, toffee, a touch of spice. Nice!

I suppose it will be good rum for this price. I was very disappointed. It taste like whiskey (not very good whiskey).

Although one of the best Mauritian rums I've tried until now I've given it an 8 because I think there is still room for refining. It's made in the oldest distillery on the island but this brand is fairly new.

It's dryer than the caribbean nephews, some will prefer it others not.

perfectly balanced, honeyed, slightly sharper, lots of flavors, dry oaky after taste

I didn't enjoy it as a "mixer" as much as just sipping an excellent balance between smooth tasting and favorable.

Un rhum de tradition anglaise très typé, fort, avec des notes boisées très présentes.
[Batch #001 -- la différence est assez notable]

when we first tried this one at a men's rum night, it was the worst of the 10 we sampled. a few months later, it is rated much high. went from a 5 to a 7. maybe it needs some air? maybe the rums or food we had prior to it helped. i just say, caution, or, if you try it, don't give up on it. some men said it didn't taste like rum.

I have to disagree with low ratings,it's a very interesting and smooth rum, with only 7000 bottles produced each year. It was nice in the nose,not too sweet on the palate. If u have a chance try it

This one got me pretty disappointed.. The main sniff is covered in acetone. Even the main taste is covered in acetone. There is a taste in the bottom.. But the acetone totally takes over.. I shall make a new try when it´s aired for 30 mins. But for now this one will never enter my cabinet.