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9 Cruzan Estate Diamond Light ratings

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Frankly, I've not been impressed by the rums from Cruzan. Just typical mass-produced mess. However this one is a definitely a step up for the brand. The color in the bottle I have is not clear as the example on RumRatings but instead is a very light yellow liquid. A very subtle aroma in the bottle. The flavor it a little unusual. Buttery with a little oakness detectable. Fairly smooth with a little spiciness. Definitely intended to be a mixer and this is what I recommend it be used for. Whether in a cocktail,. a fruit-based drink, or even a cola, this would be a good choice. In fact I recommend insisting on this rum if the establishment carries Cruzan. If they don't have this particular rum, recommend they begin carrying it. I contend it makes for a better mixer than their standard rums,

I was surprised by the estate diamond. Fairly good but bot for sipping. The seems like a true english rum. Really not sweet at all and has its driness to it. There is a faint taste of vanilla and a little smokey taste. The scent is rather plain, almost no scent to it.

Not fabulous but glad to have tried it.

Really like this rum, way better than Bacardi for me. Great for all your mixers. Most light rums are young, this one is a little more interesting.

Its hard to keep this rum highly rated when compared to other eight to twelve year rums. Very predictable, not bad, just average. From a price-value standpoint, it's an okay rum.

Very nice rum best cruzan I have had i mix with coke

Maybe I expected too much from this rum. I found the decent rating here, and it is not a bad rum. It is a lighter rum than Kaniche XO or Zaya.

Not bad rum, very good price. I tasted old bottle and it's a typically english style rum, no sweet, dry, little vanilla and smoke, anyway not so complex !. Finish taste is short.

The nose reminds me of bourbon. Light golden color. Mild oaky flavor with minimal afterburn and almost no sweetness. I prefer my rims a little sweeter. The finish is not too long. Ok but not on my go to list.

Neat wide rimmed bottle, this was a better experience to the one I had with their Gold (!!). Had a smooth taste, nothing particularly outstanding about its flavor.