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8 Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark ratings

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Picked this one off the shelf at Total Wine to leave at my daughter's house. I remember that it wasn't expensive. I'm no connoisseur but I drink a lot of aged rum on the rocks. Turned out to be a pretty good option. Good taste and pretty smooth. I'd buy it again.

Excellent all around rum. Easy to enjoy neat (though not top shelf), on the rocks or mixed. Makes a great Cuba libre. A rum I recommend to anyone given it only has a $20 price tag.

Not as smooth as anticipated. Initial taste has hints of smoke and oak then a sharp finish. A bit disappointed with the overall experience.

You'll still know you're drinking rum, but this has a really nice flavor, smokey and bitter. Good stuff.

Nice packaging and a higher price definitely did not indicate what was in the bottle. Poured a glass, lit a cigar...and was surprised at the burn and harsh taste as I took my first sip. Drank the rest mixed with ginger beer on ice. Much better.

Very nice sipper for the price. I have to admit it was a surprise.

I really like cruzan, it just fits my pallet. Opening it you get the vanilla oak flavor with some spice in the back. Very nice smell. Drinking it straight isnt the greatest idea. It has a very harsh skunky taste. Drinking it with coke is good choice. Little dry with a good oak taste and some cinnamon after taste. To be honest its not that flavorful, just makes a good generic rum and coke. The price wasnt bad nor was the bottle to the collection.

This is a nice step up from the basic Cruzan gold rum that won't break the bank. It held up well for all four of my taste tests: neat, neat w/water, chilled and on the rocks. Slightly prefer this chilled or on the rocks. Cruzan seems to be changing lables and product names but the bottle and label shown match what I tried.