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4 Selvarey White ratings

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Wasnt expecting much from this one
Found it on clearence never had herd of it before but glad I bought
it bought for mixer but its good straight also.

Neat, this is just a mess of ethanol, but I've had it in a few cocktails, and it was enjoyable. Sadly, nothing to go "ape" about.

This is a really nice white rum. Smells and tastes of vanilla, powdered sugar, sugar cane, marshmallow, and a light peppery spice. Solid for a white rum, though I've rated a few even better as of this review (Banks 5-Island, Vizcaya Cristal, and Diplomatico Blanco).

ok, so it's not as X rated in terms of it "shouldn't be legal" like the Cacao one is, but this is unequivocably, the smoothest, cleanest white rum you've ever had. it's unreal. it's amazing. ah mayy zzing neat. NEAT. WARM RUM HAS NEVER BEEN SO UNHOLY AND WONDERFUL. it's that good. it literally puts every other rum you own to shame and you should throw them out of your cupboard. and you should feel proud about that. seriously, go high five a stranger, you're doing amazing things. drink this rum. it's clean, crisp. smooth. IT DOESNT BURN. no harshness, brah. it finishes on the palate in a cleansing manner, not a "oh golly, i shouldnt have done that" manner.