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Who knew this combination would be so enticing? Typically rum is associated with vanilla flavor but the chocolate is unique and special. This is very smooth and complex and is perfect for after dinner. So far have only seen it in California, but will pick some up next time I am there.

I was offered this by a bar tender who knew that I liked rum. He said that I'd find it interesting and I did. I wasn't expecting such a chocolatey taste (with a large hinnt of caramel in the background), but you know what, it works. I found that I could drink it neat like a liquer - with a little ice or mix it. A pleasant surprise and certainly one of the better flavoured runs that I have tasted.

Smooth as silk - NO alcohol burn whatsoever. A truly natural light chocolate flavor.Very high quality rum base for a flavored rum.Incredible scent.Created / blended by ex Havana Club rum master.Highly recommend!!!

Definitely a different tasting rum than I have ever had. Not normally a fan of flavored rums but this is a conversation rum for sure.

I have only sipped this chocolate infused rum, but I can't wait to try it in a martini or flavoured coffees. It is the only flavoured rum I own but it's worth it. The rum flavour is overpowered but overall it is very nice.

Tried the Selavrey Cacao while in Savannah GA. Nice aroma of chocolate on the nose, really nice flavor with not too much burn. Very enjoyable straight.

I'm generally not a huge fan of flavored rum, but this is surprisingly good. Tastes of a really nice cacao. Smooth, but like most flavored rums, a bit light at 35%. Still, one of the much better flavored rums.

The first time I took a sip (over ice in a whiskey glass) the Coco flavor was over powering and I wasn't sure what to think. Didn't hate it, but wasn't expecting it either. Had one glass, but couldn't get the flavor out of my mind the rest of the night. Next day poured another glass knowing what to expect and fell in love with this stuff. Unique and goes down soooo easy with zero burn. Drinks like wine in that sense and definitely very dangerous as you can find yourself half gone in no time. Quality all around and I highly recommend. Not sweet, not bitter, but like an amazing rum highlighted by a very natural Coco flavor. Great stuff.

This is simply, the best-flavoured rum I've ever tasted. It's too easy to drink, to the point of questioning whether it's legal or not. Absolutely killer taste profile, and mixed in a cocktail (of roughly any variety) or an espresso rum mix, it's downright inappropriate. This is my first review, but I keep a giant robot next to my Selvarey to protect it.


Wow! Selvarey Cacoa is a quality rum from start to finish.
Sugar: estimated at 28 - 30 gpl.
Normally a flavoured rum uses a cheap rum as the base and then adds the sugar and spice mix to mask the harshness. Not this rum! It's starts with a very smooth 5 year old Panamanian Rum and then infuses the rum with real chocolate flavour. I don't know how, but the chocolate aroma and flavour is authentic. I know that's an odd thing to say but an empty glass sits on the desk and I keep getting the smell of chocolate chips in the air. This rum is extremely smooth and well balanced. No bite, no chemical aftertaste, just a long slow and very pleasant warming. I tried this rum several days in a row and there was a brandy and orange taste in the background of the rum that I couldn't quite figure out, then it hit me Gran Marnier! That explains the brandy and orange taste as well as the colour of the rum. I continued to taste this rum and shared most of the bottle with friends. The ladies loved this rum straight up, and that's a great compliment from Wine and Rum Punch drinkers. Coffee, dessert, and Selvarey Cacoa, or skip the dessert and just go for the Selvarey. I struggled with a rating for this rum and in the end came to the conclusion that in the category of flavoured rums, this a 9.5.
Tasting note: Let this rum air out for a few minutes in your glass.
One last thing Canada, this rum has just come into the LCBO and is priced at $36.50 a bottle, but you have to order 6. Round up some friends and get a case, or just get a case and keep it for yourself.

I am not a big fan of flavoured spirits. I have always thought that when flavors are added, usually the underlying product is really bad. But when I tried selvarey I noticed it is a whole new concept to flavoring (at least for me). I could not stop having drinks of selva rey. So smooth and delicious. Opened my mind to a whole new spectrum of posible combinations of rum and other flavors.

Immediately prior to sampling this rum I sampled one claiming to be "chocolate coconut" but all I tasted was bad imitation chocolate and no coconut. Selvarey (loose translation: "king of the jungle") is light years ahead of that rubbish. This rum, according to the front and back labels is rum aged 5 years in bourbon casks and infused with natural chocolate flavor. Some describe it as dark chocolate but to me it's more akin to slightly sweetened cocoa or those Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips used in homemade chocolate chip cookies. The aroma both in the bottle and in a snifter is of a definite chocolate/cocoa nature. Fairly smooth too with a little burn to it fading into a more intense sweetened cocoa flavor. This would be a great finish to a wonderful meal and possibly a nice addition to a coffee-based mixed drink. Definitely recommended but it's a bit different.