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Tiburon small batch rum

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4 Tiburon Small Batch ratings

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A nice one, but has a kick to it, too punchy for my liking.
Great looking bottle that would be a nice gift.

First off, I think this rum is in one of the coolest bottles of all the rums I tried. Frankly that was what caught my eye initially. Glad it worked.

The rum is a brilliantly gorgeous golden hue and has excellent legs. I think the rum is STILL clinging to the sides of my snifter. That is saying something.

It has a pleasant aroma with no chemical astringency.

The flavor is where things get a bit complicated and thus, for me, difficult...

It is described as being "a molasses base rum aged in old oak bourbon barrels."

Their website continues: "We blend rums from a variety of barrels of different ages and character and re-cask the blend for a second maturation process. This is where our Tiburon takes on its golden color and smooth finish and where the oak barrels tend to emphasize the tropical vanilla undertones and oaky accents present in the rum."

This explains, in part, the difficulty I have.

Upon initial tasting I get a rather negative harshness...but only for a brief few seconds...then my tongue registers not only that oak tones but also a slight molasses sweetness (this isn't a sugared rum, folks). Further sips brings out some vanilla and caramel flavors behind the initial harshness and oak. A borderline burn (I feel it being more of a hard warmth) in the throat. The finish is somewhat dry with the vanilla flavor evident.

Overall this is a very good rum albeit a bit intimidating at the outset. But that smooths out quite a bit. To me this indicates this would be best suited in a glass with one ice cube to soften the initial harshness and bring out the background flavors.

In my humble opinion this is a borderline sipping rum...those who enjoy bourbon will probably like this straight up. I feel this is an excellent mixing rum. I would have given it an "8" if that initial harshness wasn't present. Perhaps a couple of years more aging would help.

All in all, this is a very recommendable and somewhat different rum. Not sugared and very straightforward.

First off,the bottle is pretty cool with the shark on it. Then I poured some and was disappointed by the light color. Next I took in the aroma and it was amazing. Finally the first taste and now tiburon small batch is one of my favorites.

I picked this up at the Traveller's Rum Factory while I was in Belize. This rum has a surprisingly strong oaky kick to it. I don't get any particular notes past the oak, but I do find this to be a nice slow sipper.