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This beats any other rum I've tried in this price range.

Mount Gay Eclipse, Havanas, Sailor Jerry, Kraken, Captain Morgan, Red Leg are all second to this.

Rebellion spiced is closer to Rumbullion and that price category, a real bargain which should be in your cabinet.

Definitely for the sweet tooth rum drinker ... Amazing flavour that is a must in any decent r cupboard wow blown away ...

Nice surprise! Not expensive at all and mixes very well with cola! Try it!


It pours light brown in colour. Aroma is full of vanilla with some spices. Flavour is really sweet with spiced vanilla, though I find it difficult to separate all the spices. It is smooth and can easily be drank neat, though is good with cola and ginger beer too. An excellent rum at this price range.

I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s taste but I like this a lot. Normally rum this price isn’t going to be a sipper. But I enjoy this with ice.

Best rum i drank so far soo nice would recommend to evey one

Za 400kč velmi dobré pití, ale rum? Je tam tolik koření, že mi z toho vychází křížemec Becherovka - Jagermaister - Rum.

This is one of my favourite spiced rums so far. It's better than Red Leg, though is sweeter than that, more fruitily spiced and with less kick. It's positioned at the better quality end of lower-priced spiced rum: as such it's in the ideal spot as most drinkers are not going to want to spend bigger bucks on spiced rum - they'll save that for traditional rum.
The main thing about this rum is the sweetness of it. It is much sweeter than most spiced rums. The main flavour is caramel, with a spice-mix led by cinnamon coming next. There is also vanilla, but not as much as some spiced rums. If you like sweet rum and you like spiced rum, you are almost certain to end up buying this after a first glass.
If your tastes are less sweet, you'd probably prefer Red Leg which is medium sweet and has a hardish ginger kick to it. This one doesn't kick you, so much as dance on your tongue. It's warming and has very little burn. So it depends what you want. I personally enjoy spiced rums that have a kick and also those that are more subtle.
I wouldn't recommend this with coke which takes some of the lovely spice away. Drink it neat, on the rocks or with lemonade.
And then when your wallet can afford it, also try St Abbs (£30 a bottle) and Elements 8 (£38 a bottle). These are a tad less sweet but have great flavour.

This stuff is very sweet, so some may like it and others don't.
The smell out of the bottle is great and you know right away your dealing with a spiced rum.
I mixed this with coke and then you really notice how strong the flavour is.
It's overpowering and the end result is not what I like.
This rum may work in other cocktails but with coke you shouldnt use much,but when I make a rum and coke I want a big splash of rum in there.
So it's not a bad spiced rum, but just not good enough for what I like in a spiced rum and coke.

A lovely rum, but the caramel flavor is quite intense and overpowering.

not the biggest fan, too many flavours, overpowering

Velice sladký rum . Tak sladký , že si jej zamilovala manželka . Vůně , barva OK , jen ta chuť není pro mě .

Very sweet taste of ron. Taste is Hard to say, cannot imagine how that smell is like. Easy to drink.

Greate rum very sweet. I was drinking whiout cola and another juice. And teaste was greate. In

A two yr old Trinidad and Tobago rum imported into South Australia , very sweet , lots of vanilla , honey , caramel then onto pepper spiced cinnamon. a bit of oak and fruit towards the end , smooth finish. This is a cheap spiced rum which is ok on its own but better with a premium cola which is what the company recommends. Maybe 6.5

Mooie kleur en lekker kruidig mn ideale mix met cola!

This tastes as good as it smells, top spiced rum...highly recommend

Nice sweetness and vanilla tastes that aren't as overpowering as Old J. Same price as captain Morgan Spiced and much better. This is excellent as a mixee but was also the first rum I enjoyably drank neat.

Very strong aroma. Vanilla and caramel (dulce de leche? ) balanced sweetness, great with cola. Acceptable straight. Excellent value for money, my favorite spiced rum.

Chaotic mixture of little bit of everything drowning in a pool of sugar. No thanks. Super synthetic taste, nothing pleasant in this rum.

Bizardní rum, zajímavá nasládlá chuť, nic podobného jsem asi nepil, za zkoušku stojí.

Tento rum je jemnejsi, ma korenenou vuni i chut. Myslim si ze za tu cenu co stoji je to kvalita.

Deze rum kun je puur of met cola drinken voorkeur met Pepsi. Smaken vanille. caramel .kaneel.

Very strong vanilla taste. Nice but not outstanding