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23 Don Pancho Origenes 18-Year Reserva Especial ratings

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Bartender recommended this for me yesterday. I liked it, not overly sweet and felt a little bit more 'mature'. Hints of dark fruits, apple, caramel, nuts, oak, vanilla. I usually don't smoke cigars but I had a Padron to this rum and as expected it was a very pleasant combination.

Strong 7/10.

Great rum from Don Pancho. Great aroma and taste. Try also de 30 year.

Süss, aber nicht zu süss mit passender Würze. Frucht, Vanille, Karamell, Spuren von Holz. Lecker auf der Zunge und auch im (sehr langen) Abgang. Absolut ausgewogener und raffinierter Rum, super Balance! Kaufempfehlung

Made me think about the Angostura's No. 1 2nd batch (purple label), but not as good. However, would like to those two side by side.

I was curious about the hype about Don Pancho rums and had high expectations. but it is really a great but easy to drink rum. Sweety but not too much, you feel the time spent to create it by probably the best and most experienced rum master himself

Sehr voll, wuchtig, aromatisch, süß. Langer Nachhall, komplex. Echte 18 Jahre, kein Solera.

I tested this after asking for suggestin on Rumfestival and I liked it a lot. A lot of taste and body with long aftertaste, vanilla and dark amber.

Cunoscând-ul pe Master Blender în persoană am descoperit un rom extraordinar. Recomand oricând cu încredere.

A very interesting rum. Great aftertaste and color. Great job Don Pancho.


Nice rum will have in my collection always. Good change of pace from Zacapa 23. I drink it on the rock. Very nice.

Very nice rum, great flavors of dried fruits, and tobacco with a touch of vanilla. Smooth over all but the esters up front are a bit heavy. Let the rum sit in a glass "covered" after pouring for 5 minutes and it mellows beautifully. Slight sweetness, beautiful bottle and worth the money spent.

Provided in a good looking square bottle, this rum has a beautiful red amber color.
In mouth , it is sweet with inter alia vanilla aroma.
This is a good rum but not a special one for me.

Very good rum with vanilla flavour with figs and dates, pastry cake aroma. Spicy flavour like cinnamon or gingerbread. Complex rum with a certain elegance. Hope to taste the 30th Year.

Besides the vanillafudge and oak hints, there's a fruity spicyness wich i like. A drop of water or two would do some good. Dont know about the price but it it's a rum worth trying

I like this one, but compared to what else is aviable in this price range it is too expensive. As others have noted, it has some bite, which for me tends to overshadow other flavours.

Roughly a smoother version of the little brother. The aroma has notes of caramel, oak, figs and perhaps a little orange peel. It has nice body and unfolds in the mouth, with more pronounced orangepeel, caramel, wood, dates and figs. The somewhat lengthy finish is nicely warming and tingling. It's a nice rum but given the price difference, I would choose the 8 year over this one.

This is indeed a very fine rum that appears to rather dry with hints of sweetness. The aroma is subtle in the bottle and the flavor is rather intense with what I consider a "bite" similar to how wasabi or horseradish hits (not implying at all that this rum tastes like wasabi or horesradish). Although dry I taste some vanilla essense. I have to agree with several others in that even though this is a very good rum it is not worthy of the price. There are many rums equally as good if not better that costs half as much as this. I suggest seeking those out and pass on this one. But if you must purchase a high-end rum, this one is not a bad one to get.

Don Pancho Origenes 18-Year Reserva Especial Rum er en kraftfuld og kompleks rom med en tilpas sødme. Mange smags noter.

This is by no means a bad rum. It just doesn't have anything to make it stand out, and at it's price you would expect that.

Quel douceur, encore une réussite à saluer, beaucoup de caractère, un rhum qui mérite amplement sa place dans une belle collection.

Smells of butterscotch, sugarcane, vanilla, and allspice. Taste is similar. I prefer the El Dorado 15 Rum to this, which is less than half the price.

This rum is magnificent, it is balanced and extremely smooth. In the mouth you just need to add one ice cube to bring this drink alive. When you do this you're met with a cake like flavour with figs and dates. This is a rum you reward yourself. It's a full body rum that has a nice finish, minimum burn that marries together everything you lool for in a sipper. This is special, it is not overly sweet like zacapa. This is sophistication in a glass made by master Don Pancho.

En rom med en utrolig flot glød og en duft af appelsin, eksotiske frugter, mørk chokolade og krydderier. Det er en kompleks rom, der udvikler rigtigt godt. Smagen emmer af kraft og starter sødt, der afløses af vanilje, bourbon og kryddernoter med en potent fadsmag. Et dejligt bekendtskab.