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6 Don Pancho 30-Year Reserva ratings

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Deep dark rich colour.

Alcohol, a bit of sugar and some lemon on the nose. Complex sugary start.

Woody and deep aged taste, quite bitter finish.

Over-aged and not smooth enough. Quite sharp finish.

Nice presentation box. The rum in the glass shows really slow thick legs. It has a nice balance in smell of vanilla and oak. Minimum after burn, the after taste of this rum just goes on for ages. It has you smacking your lips together thinking about the complexity of flavours you just had from this rum.

fantastic rum with notes of oaky vanilla and fruits. no burning no alcohol feeling in nose or mouth. amazing experience. unfort. discontinued..:(

I had this side by side with the 18 year. It was VERY close, but I think the 18 year is just a bit better, as I believe the 30 year is a bit over aged.

It's not a bad rum at all, but it has a fairly strong oak flavor, and it's not as smooth as I expected from a 30 year rum.

Smells and tastes of oak, allspice, brown sugar, and leather. Again, not bad, but I think the 18 year is just a tad better to me.

The nose is full with orange peel, cinnamon, oak, chocolate and dried fruits. It's nice, but not unique. The palette is potent with deep semi-sweet notes of oak, brown sugar, tabaco and leather. There's a long and fairly spicy finish, resemblent of white pepper perhaps. It's indeed very good but also overpriced. At this kinda money, some other bottles offer very intense experiences.The rum itself probably deserves a 9 rating, but the price drags it down.

Smooth and complex. Sweet and complex. Great for splurge night or gift for someone who has everything.