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21 Don Pancho 8-Year ratings

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I've done a fair amount of experimenting and so far, this is my favorite rum. Not because it's particularly spectacular when compared to truly spectacular rums, but because it's particularly spectacular for the price. You have to spend $10-15 more on a bottle, to have something noticeably superior. Ratings seem to drop off sharply below this price point, so here's your Goldilocks rum. Not as delicate as a 12 or an 18, but plenty smooth enough. Only slightly warmer when mixed in my punch, but at a significant savings. Still no hangovers, headaches, sleep disturbances or other negative effects. Thank you Señor Pancho.

Sipped neat
80 proof
Sweet fruit nose
Sugar cane, fruit on palate
No ethanol bite
No empty glass after-aroma
Not much wrong with this one, slightly sweet

These bottles of rum are always placed on the shelves next to other tall bottles of Panamanian rum called Debonaire, so it has been easy for me to overlook for so long. However, after doing some research, I read about the lengthy career of Master Blender Don Pancho who was behind the best Cuban rums from Havana Club. He must have provided the ruling party with some of the finest rum while keeping the masses happy with the cheap rums, and then somehow moved to Panama in the early nineties.

What a truly beautiful bottle this is and in an art-deco style. It is crystal clear to show off the beautiful dark amber color of what is inside. It is aged for eight years in American white oak barrels. They state for tasting notes candied dates, figs, dried plums, and leather, but I never agree with stated ones that seldom have anything to do with the true origins of a spirit. It needs to breathe for at least thirty minutes to remove the mild alcohol vapors, then the palate is greeted by oak, vanilla, and mild sweetness. I would call this one as a semi-dry rum with very little burn going down. This is a really fine authentic Cuban style rum that is not complex enough to compete with it's older siblings, but can still be enjoyed as a sipping rum. At only $32 and readily available where I live, I would have no problems adding ice or using it to make authentic Cuban Daiquiri's or Cuba Libres. I am so glad that I pulled this jewel out from it's hiding place on the shelf of the liquor store.

Sugar: Estimated at 18-20 GPL.
Overall this is an okay rum as it does have some of the characteristics of the older 18 year Don Pancho. This rum has the vanilla, wood, caramel, and spices but those flavors can't hide the harshness of the alcohol taste and bite present in the blend.
I would skip this one and go for the 18 year old Don Pancho rum.

From the smell I can only remember the honey, cream and vanilla tones. Don Pancho Origenes 8 is very light even on the smell; nothing intensive attacks your nose. It is still obvious that this is molasses rum in both nose and taste. The taste is exciting; you get the rum in your mouth and do not even know that this liquid is alcohol, it is so well rounded, you are able to keep it in your mouth for a long time and enjoy all the tones you smelled before. Suddenly you think about the statement in your brain again and you know the producers are right; this is how the rum should be made. It is slightly grassy, slightly woody, with vanilla, nutmeg and oak tones, not overly sweet. The experience is finished with slow and pleasant after burn.
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A fine rum. I bought it in a great grocery store in Minocqua , Wisconsin. It was about $32. I used it mostly with tonic. It has a ''True" rum taste. Its not too heavy, but is by no means weak tasting. I would buy it again if I ran across it in store.

Tried the Don Pancho 8 year a few weeks ago in the best rum bar in Chicago and I was not that impressed with it at all. Quite a strong alcohol taste and smell and a nasty burn at the end. Life is too short to waste your time on something this mediocre. The Don Panchos 18 year old is only very marginally smoother than the much more cheaper 8 year old, but better for you to skip both.

Tasty rum by one of the great maestros of blending and creating fine rums. Hefty dose of molasses, brown sugar, caramel and vanilla with some banana pepper and smoky oak thrown in to tame the sweetness somewhat.
This is Don Pancho's youngest sibling but don't let that dissuade you from seeking this rum out. It helps when you can find it selling at half of what the going price is. Bought this at a small Liquor store by Disney World for $24!!!!!!!
Can be mixed but better sipped neat!
Nice style and bottle presentation to house this nice rum aged in ex-bourbon barrels for 8 years!

Harapós alkohol ami végig kíséri a kortyot, nekem sok egy kicsit. Egyébként szép,közepes testű rum sok hordóval és fával az illatban és az ízben, jönne a többi íz is szépen, de hát megint ott az alkohol a végén m. Negyed óra után a pohárban kicsit lágyul a korty, megéri várni. Finom rum de kell hozzá a hangulat.

Purchased for $39.99 in Delaware. Very nice bottle with a deep amber yellow color. Very nice nose. Not very leggy. An 8 year rum that tastes like it's older. Quite smooth, very tasty, with a slight burn going down. Very enjoyable.

What does it mean when I say Cuban rum from Panama? Don Pancho is made by Francisco Jose Fernandez Perez (aka Don Pancho) who is a 76 year old Cuban biochemist and microbiologist who spent 50 years researching and developing the art of rum making. In fact, he was fundamental to the research and development of most Cuban brands during the 1970s.

Now don't let the terrible logo confuse you. This rum is delicious! I only rate it at the 8 because I haven't had the pleasure of trying the 18 or 30 year versions, which are substantially more expensive. This bottle, however, goes anywhere form $25-40.

Color: Maple Syrup
Nose: Oak, vanilla, caramel and maple suger
Taste: Buttery caramel, oak, nut with a complex finish of macadamia and pepper.

I enjoy with a whisky ball. However, it makes an amazing Cuba Libre and can also be enjoyed neat.

I really enjoy that bottle. Great full flavor, very smooth, just at right level of sweetness. So easy to sip that I finished bottle sooner than I would like :)


8Y rum but very comple, tasty and balanced. Recommended.

A smooth and pleasant taste, with a slight kick at the end. You will not be disappointed with this purchase. The perfect weight and right amount of kick makes this rum very fun to drink. I highly recommend this to anyone searching for that perfect rum to share.

This rum is very young, but it's got all a good rum has got to have. In the nose there ist oak and butter. The oak is on the tongue, too, with some alcool. A little bit too much of alcool, to be honest. The rum shows its youth therin, I suppose. There is dried apricot, too, in it, I think. In the aftertaste, too much of alcool again. Oak. Not an unpleasant sipping rum, though.

Smooth going down. Very nice oaky aftertaste. Would like to try some of their others.

A interesting taste of Don Pancho. It's not the same of the 18yo but it's all right.


God rum, with lots of dry fruit, honey and good taste.

A decent nose of medium heavy wood, caramel and dried fruits like dates and figs. The alcohol is also apparent, without becoming too much. On the medium bodied palette, I get the same notes my nose picked up. You feel that the rum "only" aged for 8 years, but in this case it actually works well, as the slightly rough edges ratains a freshness, and keeps the expirience from beeing bland. Good value, I enjoy it very much. (boderline 8)

Great rum. But it tastes a bit to much alcohol for my mouth.. Nice finish though.

8 year is minimum for age of rum in this blend. Smooth, sweet, and complex.