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4 Lost Spirits Navy Rum Polynesian 66 ratings

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Different to the Navy Style but certainly part of the same family. Two shared processes tweaked to give differing results. Again, an excellent ingredient and packed full of pineapple with a little water added. Winner.

A little eerie tasting. It's got aged notes but it feels like something is missing. Still, nice spice full on where mouth. I agree that if you let this one sit, new notes on up that are far more pleasant.

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I got to try this at a tasting at my local store, and it was really something!

First whiff is pretty much straight ethanol. But after just one minute, it opens up in a pleasant vanilla caramel, which continues to evolve into a creamy-caramel-nougat/vanilla pudding nose, and prunes make a strong presence too. Honestly, I wanted to just stand there and keep smelling it, it's wonderful!

Taste is very strong on the prunes, there's a good amount of spice and some smoke, plus vanilla cream, dark toffee and just a bit of tropical fruit. I must admit I was quite hesitant to sip this straight (being 66%) but that was not a problem! So intense, but absolutely worth it!

Not a whole lot on the finish, as the 132 proof finally kicks in. It overwhelms whatever flavors may be left behind, but it's not harsh. Instead, its more of an intense warming from the mouth all the down to the stomach. Never enough to be offensive though, just really warm!

This is some great rum! It will absolutely kick your but if you're not careful, but the awesome intensity makes it totally worth a risk!

First, I had a couple of sips straight up. It's 132 proof and it goes down hot. Fire, plus ester and prunes all the way. Then I added a few drops of water, which made it remarkably sweeter and still strong, but the fire was less apparent. Think Smith and Cross, but with a graduate degree from a reputable university.

If you're a Tiki cocktail fan you'll enjoy adding this rum to your Zombies and Rum Barrels. Oh, I just remembered....Lost Spirits stopped making this rum. So sorry.