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Lost spirits navy rum 68 rum

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4 Lost Spirits Navy Rum 68 ratings

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At 136 proof you'd expect third degree throat-burn and not much else...but this stuff is packed with flavor and follow-through. I drink it straight up...just an ounce or two...and find it immensely enjoyable. Yay Navy!


Even when I KNEW the burn was coming it still caught me off guard.

There are strong portents of port/sherry on the nose. Considering this is aged in American Oak treated with Sherry this shouldn't be a surprise. If you hadn't poured it yourself you'd swear you were about to drink one of them and not rum though. It's that strong. Sweet and smoky on the tongue there's just enough burn left to trip you up into coughing if you breathe too soon after the swallow. Exhaling first helps, but exacerbates the burn a little and trips you a little into that "bacon" that Law mentioned in his review. The addition of a few drops of water tames it just a tad. I can easily see this being one of those rare treats to have a small tot of when lighting up a really good, strong cigar. Not something for everyday consumption though. The 68% alcohol content will see to that.

Very impressed with the people, the process and the rum. Very interesting techniques and chemistry 'hacks' showing a terrific understanding of the processes and chemical reactions involved. The Rum is full of depth and flavour and is a great ingredient

Bought a bottle of this based on a number of glowing reviews. That and the unique process used to create it really intrigued me.

Sad to say it's not very good at all.

Strong and smokey. This tastes like burnt bacon. Super smokey. I don't know what else to say, that flavour dominates and everything else fades into the background. Doesn't even taste like rum.

Not worth it at half the price.