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See my notes on Lost Spirits Navy Style 61%. Strong notes of creamy vanilla, buttered toast, and charred wood. This one is lighter than the 61%, and slightly dryer than the 68%.

This rum is full-flavored but feels thin in the mouth. More "high notes" than 61 or 68. Spicier than 68. Yeah, sharp bite, with a bit too much of a flavor explosion to go with it.

With time & oxidation, this is actually quite lovely and balanced.


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It's definitely got the "Lost Spirits" vibe, but to me this is layered and fruity. No longer available, but I do recommend trying the Navy Style 61, which is a departure from this.

A little eerie tasting. It's got aged notes but it feels like something is missing. Still, nice spice full on where mouth.

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Synthetic flavored taste, thin, like vodka added some fruitflavour and a sip of sherry!