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7 Santero Anejo ratings

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Gives à Nice distinctive cuban taste to your rum and coke. Very nice

Ikke smagt. .

This is one of rums which i drink often as it is a good value for its money and much better than Captain Morgan(which in general is a cough syrup). Definatley not for guests or women :)

...mehr aber definitiv nicht - und selbst dafür gibts bessere!

Got it from a supermarket in a package with two glasses. OK standard rum like Captain Morgan of Hansen rum

I bought this only because it had very nice glasses attached to the bottle. It barely tastes like rum, with a watery feel to it like it has been dilluted or mixed poorly. Tried mixing it with coke and it tasted unpleasant.

Would not recommend, I still use the glasses though and the logo is nice.

(Note: This is a review of the 7 year which I think is now sold as Santero Anejo. Any way, this is the only entry for Santero)

I prefer dry rums but this is the first I would ever say saw under sweet. Very heavy mint/menthol flavour which overpowers the entire drink.