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18 Rum Nation Barbados 10-Year 2014 ratings

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Smell: no alcohol and a little fruity.
Taste: a faint smoke, very sweet and fruity. Taste doesn't linger long.
Good for a drink or two.

Very underrating on Rum Rating, but not surprising because Mount Gay is too.
I don't know how many distillery are in Barbados, and Rum Nation do give the name of the distillery like for some other of their rums.
I would like to make a head to head with the MG XO, because I think it comes from MG.
Typical English type of rum, but whitout the high easter of the Jamaicans, I also found the same smoothness and richness of MG, very impressive for an only 10 years old without added sugar, once again, like MG.

Well, but i do´nt like all Rum Nation not that much :-(

The taste doesn't last very long, but at for the price, you get a decent rum. Fruity freshness and oak with some smoke.


E' stata una buona sorpresa, questo millesimato rappresenta un tipico Rum delle Barbados per chi ama gli aromi freschi. Piacevolissimo.

Dolce e delicato, con sentori di menta e fiori di campo. Estremamente beverino!

Rommen er ik så sød igen, men har masser af lækre krydderier at byde på bl. Appelsin blomst.

After letting it breath for a while, I am getting bits of banana, papaya and a hint of coffee! Not too sweet, with a hint of oak! Nice sipper after a long day.


Bon petit rhum de la Barbade, avec.un bon petit caractère. Bonne dégustation!

Quite sweet and easy (only a little bit alcohol harshness). Fruity freshness (lemon) and oak with some smoke. A very nice one!

Nose:smoked,dry,no alcohol
Bottle:upper average,however it is first time I've seen the sugar is condensed in the bottle neck and cork

Quite tasty, but not forcing me to buy another bottle from Rum Nation.

Caractère mentholé, herbacé. Finale de réglisse, pain d'épices, vieux bois...


Very disappointed in this rum.maybe I just expected too much of this one.
Like the rum company one way better.

En middel rom med noter af kanel, lidt sprittet men kan gå i en snæver vending

I get coffee and banana when tasting this rum. The taste doesn't last very long, but at for the price, you get a decent rum. Too much coffee for my taste, but if you are into that,movie it a try.

I am in the jorney not only testing different Rum products and the country producing it. For my taste I like Barbados rum in general but of course it differs some. The one I hold high is the Rum Conpany Barbados Rum and therefore I like to compere to that one. Rum Nation 10 years is the class under Rum Company but not bad. I am sure that the 12 year will give better competition, I will come back to that.

sympa, mais assez sur l'alcool...
assez parfumé, boisé même, mais peu de longueur en bouche.

God rum, der har en god smag.. Men mangler lidt kant og afrunding.