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A couple of Rum Nation's offerings have tested with moderate-to-high amounts of added sugar (see Jimbo's list). It would certainly explain why this Bajan rum is curiously sweet, with the obligatory vanilla milkshake flavor profile and smoothness common to doctored rums - but not usually to authentic Bajans. This tastes more like (the notoriously sugared) Plantation XO than it does any traditional Barbados rum I've ever tasted. Yeah, I'm suspicious of this one.

This fabulous rum begin with a clear smell, infused with notes of vanilla and a touch of fruity apricot and pineapple, devoid of any spirit harshness.
The taste starts off with strong, yet delightful vanilla in a smooth and rounded package. Fairly quickly, oak and baking spices roll on top of the vanilla, balanced with a freshness almost like mint.
This is an exceedingly refined rum that absolutely shines in the high-end premium rum class. For a 10/10 rating I would have liked the taste to linger a bit longer and provide one or two additional taste combinations - maybe a touch of naughty behavior, which this high class lady just cannot be bothered with. But still, this rum comes very close to perfection.

In my humble opinion, this rum deserves to be served neat (unmixed at room temperature) and allowed to breathe for at least 10 minutes to bring out the true flavor. Rums great for mixing can be bought much cheaper.

Very lovely. It has a fine vanille nose. The character is light. It has a delicate sweet vanilla flavour, which subsides smoothly. For full potential, let it sit in the glas for 10 mins before enjoying. A shame that rum nation went a little overboard with the added sugar.

It has a delicate sweet vanilla flavour, which subsides smoothly. For full potential, let it sit in the glas for 10 mins before enjoying. A shame that rum nation went a little overboard with the added sugar.


In the nose : Vanilla and melass, dried banana.
Mouth: Smooth and lovely. Taste of vanilla and fruit and a lot of other great taste. A complex taste and very nice.
The aftertaste: Here we find some oak more fruits and somr dryness.
All to all a very good rum with a complex taste. A must in the cabinet.

Un miros plăcut de vanilie pe care nu îl găsești persistent în gust, un aftertaste scurt și alcalin. Fin și deosebit.. Only on the rocks!

Rum Nation Barbados 12y is much better than the Rum Nation Panama 18y, but the Barbados rum is just way too sweet to the nose and palate. Why to add all this extra sweetness, is it to hide some of the harshness of the rum. Struggles to earn a 5.

Er skarp i starten
Har en dejlig fyldig chokolade smag som holder et stykke tid

Gav 349,- kr i Billund Lufthavn.
Flot flaske.
Dejlig duft.
God smag og en lang eftersmag.


Me encantó, un ron super suave y dulzón que seguramente no está entre los mejores pero es muy bueno

Dejlig drik af en flot flaske. Smager efter mere..

Rating kommer i morgen nå jeg er blevet ædru eller lige efter

Vanilie, anis, farin. En lækker blød rom, der har alt i duft og smag. Og få enhver rom-rookie med på romvognen

Profumi intensi di fiori e agrumi, molto fresco. Inizialmente un sfuggente sapore di menta che lascia poi spazio agli agrumi e qualche nota floreale. Da un'idea molto estiva, anche a temperatura ambiente di casa sembra più fresco di quanto potrebbe sembrare. Delizioso!!!! Da provare! Bottiglia bellissima

Clear, smooth, sweet and really enjoyable rum in a gorgeous bottle

I completely agree with Svante Jørgensen...
This rum has a great balance between sweetness, some mint-like taste, fruity body with some oak without a strong alcohol smell or taste. Well done! Not quite as good as the centenario 30yo or unhiq... therefore "only" a 9...

Great packaging and a product that lives up to it. one of the best Rum Nations i have tried

typische Barbados Aromen ,sehr schöner Abgang,perfekte Süsse,dazu die tolle Aufmachung in Buchform und ein angemessener Preis,ganz klar 9 Punkte.Auch dies mal wieder ein sammlewürdiger Nation

Silky smooth, flavourful, sweet. I sadly only had a 3cl dram and it was over too quickly but this is something special

This is one of the product that I had some problems to find. After reading a lot about it I expected more from it. I did test it against the less expensive Plnatation Barbados XO and must sayand admit that Plantation is a better product to less the price. It does not feel ready, okay it becomes better after 10- 15 minutes mentioned by others but ?.. still okay!

Smooth and slightly sweet. Baked pineapple anders Banana. Hints of oak and vanilla

Fruits and vanilla is what you get. The rum has a silky soft feel on the tongue, but it's too sweet for my liking.

In my opinion we have to consider the price when rating a rum. In this pricetag range I expect something exceptional.
Nose is deceiving even after sitting in the glas 10-15mn. Hopefully the better has to come : sweet with a lot of subtle flavors. That is balanced, refined and interesting, quite typical of Barbades rum. Quite pleasant to sip that rum thought it does not last so long as I would expect.
I am pretty sure there is some sugar added at some point in this rum. At least I feel it in my mouth and it is disappointing for an expensive bootle. Not excessive as some other but I still have big doubts. Of course it give some sweetness but this outshines the flavours too. Easiest to drink does not mean better rum !
All in all not a bad good rum but I find it overpriced, maybe the beautiful bottle is part of it too.