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41 Brugal XV ratings

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I really was surprised, no alcohol taste, so mild, really good. The only thing is that this one is so well balanced that there is nothing that convinces me totally, it misses something still, maybe a bit boring. You can´t go wrong with it but you want have any wow with it

Only tried it with coke. Nice, but not exceptional.

The XV was a nice surprise to me. Brugal have tried to make a more smooth tasting rum, compared to their normal dry notes, and have done a nice job with this.

I found this to be very tasty by itself. Was very good mixed with soda. For the price i would buy again. I would recommend to anyone for a good mixing rum.

Although not a drink-en-masse rum I'd prefer to call it a sipping rum. Goes perfect with chocolate. If you want to drink larger quantities of it why not drink it like they do in DR with fresh coconut water. Oh...because you are not in the caribbean right :-P

Decent rum but I was expecting much more. Cuban rum is much better

Pretty smooth clean rum, some oaky vanilla taste with a hint of leathery nuttyness. Great rum for a mixer or with coke. But again nothing special.


Ron claro, con fuertes olores a alcohol.
Se deja tomar y esta a buen precio. No esperes mucho

The smell and initial taste is of alcohol. Add a bit of water oR Sprite and you get a nice sweet drink with a smooth bitterness. Decent and cheap enough.

Had this as part of a three rum flight. Nice flavor, very smooth.

I love the smoothness, the aftertaste in the mouth, and the smell of it.

Received as a gift. Overall surprisingly good. Quite smooth, soft vanilla notes, nice legs, nice finish with not much of a burn. Would definitely purchase.

Smooth but flat Rum with No magic. Little burn. No complexity. But quite good in Cuba Libre! If you like it in the "Whiskey Coke Style" like I do. Would never waste rum more tasty with coke then that.

Decent as a mixer .... Not great on its own a bit dry but I have a dry pallette so love this stuff not the class of el Dorado but it's ok

Fruits secs, café et chocolat. Finale assez longue sur le caramel et les épices.


That's exactly what this rum reminds me of. In fact, the resemblance is uncanny. Blindfolded, I couldn't tell you which was which. It's just fair, as rum goes. Not too challenging, not very complex, a little too sweet. There are many better rums out there.

I'm not rum lover, but this one is extra smooth! I had it one over a dinner party, and have been looking for it everywhere since...

Not bad would drink again. Not much alcohol burn, good with coke

Odeur absente, très légère présence de caramel en bouche rien d'exceptionnel éventuellement ok pour mix

Quite smooth rum, easy to drink with cola. Maybe a bit too smooth

Rum tendente al dolce e poco struttura. Colore chiaro che ricorda il giallo albicocca.

I wasn't expecting much from this one given its screw top and average reviews at best; but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.
Very smooth with a somewhat green grape taste; very dry. The aftertaste after a while starts to remind me of a white wine; not my favourite thing in the world.
Although;?at $40 for a litre at duty free in Jamaica, well worth the money.
I would recommend to anyone who likes to sip dry rum.

Rhum qui manque de goût.
Je l'ai bu sec mais il serait meilleur en cuba libre.

Not fantastic in anyway, but not bad either. I unfortunately had it from an ordinary drinking glass, so it might not have given it the perfect treatment, but initial nose was with a very strong oily alcohol smell with a nice round vanilla tone. Sip revealed a not especially sweet rum, lots of cognac cask and fairly sharp alcohol taste. A nice after touch of vanilla followed and lingered a while. Didn't make much of a stir with me though and it might as well have been a cheap standard whiskey or brandy.