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56 Brugal XV ratings

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I really was surprised, no alcohol taste, so mild, really good. The only thing is that this one is so well balanced that there is nothing that convinces me totally, it misses something still, maybe a bit boring. You can´t go wrong with it but you want have any wow with it

The XV was a nice surprise to me. Brugal have tried to make a more smooth tasting rum, compared to their normal dry notes, and have done a nice job with this.

Only tried it with coke. Nice, but not exceptional.

I use the Anejo of Brugal as a mixer, which is great gor that. I bought XV as a sipper but the harsh alcohol taste makes it instantly a rum just for mixing and the Anejo , allthough cheaper is still better for mixing also

De la familia de los Brugal es el segundo mejor después del 1888 que he probado. No lo volvería a comprar pero si me lo invitan...

Very smooth with notes of tobacco, wood, and caramel. Can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with soda and/or juice.

Just back from Punt Cana, was my go to Rum while there...

I had only drink it with coke. Smooth and caramelly

Tried the Brugal XV, Dry Spiced, Extra Viejo and Anejo back-to-back and I have to say they are all quite horrendous. The XV and Dry Spiced have a nice dark color, whereas the Extra Viejo and Anejo are quite weak on color. The XV has a strong alcohol smell, taste and burn to it. Struggles for a 5 score.

I don't like Nothing interesting for me. Just ordinary rum.

Chestnut, almost amber-coloured rum, a bit smoother than the añejo but the same typical 'mouldy' Brugal flavour. Smell of vanilla, cinnamon, honey. You can drink the XV straight but it's quite good with coke as well. All in all, a decent rum.

Len med lite spritsmak. Helt ok men ingen riktig karaktär.

Nothing wrong with this rum, still nothing special.

This is definitely a decent rum, albeit not in my top.

Very good rum. A little too expensive considering the brugal anejo is better and about 10$ canadian cheaper.

Mám rád rumy značky brugal a i tento mě potěšil. Myslím že dobře vyvážená chuť nikoho neurazí.

but nothing more. A nice rum with a good smell, not much on the palate and its gone.

I let the label and the name convince me that I was having a bargain. Hey, I thought. A 15 year old rum for that price? The screw-top should have been a warning. Barely any aroma, nice soft sweetish taste, very light after-burn. Not that I didn't like it, but definitely not a sipping rum. Nice with some ice and a splash of soda, though.

I found this to be very tasty by itself. Was very good mixed with soda. For the price i would buy again. I would recommend to anyone for a good mixing rum.

Although not a drink-en-masse rum I'd prefer to call it a sipping rum. Goes perfect with chocolate. If you want to drink larger quantities of it why not drink it like they do in DR with fresh coconut water. Oh...because you are not in the caribbean right :-P

Decent rum but I was expecting much more. Cuban rum is much better

Pretty smooth clean rum, some oaky vanilla taste with a hint of leathery nuttyness. Great rum for a mixer or with coke. But again nothing special.


Ron claro, con fuertes olores a alcohol.
Se deja tomar y esta a buen precio. No esperes mucho

The smell and initial taste is of alcohol. Add a bit of water oR Sprite and you get a nice sweet drink with a smooth bitterness. Decent and cheap enough.