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8 Brinley Gold Coffee ratings

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A bit syrupy without being cloying. Well done liqueur meant for mixing.

I find this to be a very good coffee rum. Smells like coffee, and tastes creamy and sweet. Maybe a little (or even a lot) on the sweet side, but I like it that way.

A very good coffee rum, in my opinion.

My wife bought this while we visited St. Kitts on a Caribbean cruise a few years back. She absolutely loves this rum. When that bottle was near empty we were lucky enough to have friends who were visiting the island and offered to bring one back. This summer we are heading back to St. Kitts ourselves with at least one more bottle on our wish list. Can't speak for this one myself as i am not a coffee but if you haven't figured this out already this rates near the very top. Only wish we had a closer connection to keep it in stock. Then again any excuse to visit St. Kitts works for me.

Ok it is not normal rum but this stuff is EXCELLENT for a flavored rum. Pure heaven on the tongue..

What is it with Brinley rums? So far the ones I have tasted have been sweet...sometimes sickenly sweet. This one is tempered somewhat with a "coffee"-ish flavor that leaves a bitter aftertaste. Borderline liqueur. Saving it to try in some hot coffee drinks but if it doesn't work I'm tossing it. I cannot see this being used effectively in much.

Sugar: 70 gpl. This is an okay Coffee flavored rum. It's sweet but not to the point of being a liqueur. I bought it while on a cruise and I use it in a B52 coffee as it is not as sweet as Kahlua.

Oddly enough their Vanilla rum might have more coffee taste than this one.

I found this in NYC and it's a good tasting coffee rum. I'm looking for mixers to cut down on some of the heavy coffee flavor.