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Kaniche xo rum

Kaniche XO rum is produced in Barbados where it is first aged in bourbon casks. It is one of the few rums that is then double aged for a more mellow finished in Pierre Ferrand ex cognac casks at their location in France.

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My first taste of Kaniche XO left me unsure if I loved it or hated it. Being a big fan of Plantation XO, I found myself comparing it to that since it is made by the same company (C. Ferand). After a second visit, I found it enjoyable. The smell and initial taste are sweet and fruity with a pleasant oak flavor. Kaniche XO is quite similar all around to Plantation XO but with a bit more harshness at the back end. This bottle came in a nice wooden box and goes for $24-29 at Total Wine so you can't go wrong. Go grab a bottle if looking for a low-budget Plantation XO with a bite.


This rum came on sweet but not too sweet. It is smooth, complex, and has a finish that stays with you for a bit. Phenomenal rum, especially for the price

Got this at Total WIne, and so far it is the only Rum for sipping we buy. It has beat out rums that have cost waaaay more money. I think i have purchaed about 5-6 bottles its that good...

Well, found the Kaniche Reserve! (Yay me!) I have found what is very likely going to be my main rum in the house. This was outstanding! It has an almost sweet finish, and oak overtones without tasting like it was ran through a charcoal briquette! I like the fact that you can drink it neat, and still have tastebuds that can still tell the difference between sweet and sour. And the price was definitely nice! I have paid a LOT more for what I would now call "Inferior" Rums. This is a rum that is worth your time.

At only $29.99 (Total Wines 2015), this beats some of the $100+ rums I've tried.

Sugarcane, vanilla, and a hint of coconut, this also includes a little oak and cognac - just enough to add to the flavor without taking from the rum goodness. Kind of similar to the Plantation XO 20th Anniversary, but not quite as good. Still an excellent rum.

Så fik jeg fat på denne skønhed af en rom! Var på tilbud til 300 kr, så kunne jeg altså ikke sige nej.

This was recommended by fellow Rum Raters. This is one of my new favorites, alongside Ron Zacapa, Zaya and Kirk & Sweeney. It does have a sweetness to it, which I prefer. Just a really smooth rum that I would buy again and again.

My wife picked this up for me on a recommendation from staff at Total Wine. I see that several reviewers state similar recommendation. I tried it on the rocks but found it had a harsh bite and was a bit too sweet for my liking. I then tried it with Coke Zero and liked it because of the subtle sweetness. I shall try it again and see if it grows on me.

Great value rum. Clean finish on the rocks. A steal when on sale at Total Wine.

Lots of added sugar makes it hard to take this rum too seriously. Another confection from the Plantation factory.

I first encountered this in Arizona at the Total Wine Store. Travis and I were busily looking about for the rum aisle when we heard a voice..."would you like to try a free sample of our new arrival?" YES! The store associate smiled because he knew he just made an easy sale. The double aging process with different barrels seems to be the secret.

I literally bought this rum on the recommendation of a couple of friends and from an employee from my local liquor store. I was totally disappointed and felt let down after the build up of others. For me, it was "OK" at best. It went into the "rum cake rum cabinet" lol

I tried this straight up, on the rocks, and with coke.

Great color, definite hints of vanilla and oak, with a tinge of smokiness

Now if you enjoys a smooth, slightly sweet rum that has some complexity in the finish and don't want to ration out some high priced exotic, this rum is for you! Straight up is best or on the rocks but don't let the ice melt and water down the wonderful taste.

This rum is a true pleasure to sid down and drink, especially on a nice summerday. I'm a fan!! A lot of tropical fruits, medium sweetness and a light power.

Nose : I find banana, coconut, orange and in general tropical fruits. The rum is really delicious when you stick your nose down into the glass, for just enjoying the lovely notes.

Taste : I find banana, orange, tropical fruits and molasses. The aftertaste is tropical in the beginning, and it get mixed with molasses in the end.

Sugar: 24 gpl. This rum is very soft on the palate is moderately sweet with tastes of coconut, cognac, vanilla, and honey. It's is similar to Plantation XO but is a little softer and less bold or sharp of a taste. Basically it is Plantation XO Lite. As other rum posters mentioned, this was suggested to me by the Total Wines associate and he was right. This is a great tasting rum for sipping at a moderate price. If you see it in your local store, try it.

So, I asked the guy in the store, what do you have that's a lot less expensive than the Ron Zacapa XO that has complexity and some body. It was a trick question as I've had lots of rum that would meet the request, but I was looking for something new. He recommended the Kaniche XO. I was Alitalia hesitant as I had the Kaniche 11 Year Old, liked it a lot, but found it light in body. He said this one was different. He was almost spot on. It doesn't have the body of a Zacapa xo, but at 1/3 the price, the body works out fine. The taste is just scrumptious. Loaded with butterscotch and vanilla, it's just so wonderful to sip and enjoy. Will become my go to rum!

Originally received it as a gift, pleasant surprise. On par with rums costing 2-3x as much. Smooth with an easy finish - my go to is a splash of water/ lime on the rocks. Mixes well, makes a mean dark & stormy.

Almost a criss between rum and whiskey. Meaning very woody from the barrels. Really a unique rum. Not as sweet as others like Rumsons... which i love.

Really nice with a cigar. This rum is definitely on the sweet side, and a bit sweet for me for general sipping. But putting on the rocks tones it down a bit. Has a nice spice when neat, and very present coconut and caramel flavors come through. Flavors are forward and present. Very smooth, but not the smoothest I've had. I picked this up at total wine on sale for $25 and it's a very strong buy at that price. Not my favorite rum in general, but if I plan to have a cigar, definitely one of the better ones for my preference. As I enjoy the sweeter rums with my cigars. Great buy at $25, at $30+ I would opt for others. For me a solid 7 - 7+.


Excellent rum! Not overly sweet and pleasant to drink. Its nothing out of this world but I like it. Better than other rums of known brands that go for higher prices. I would recommend it to anyone looking for good inexpensive rum.

This is pretty darn good. Lovely smooth sipper. Big cube of ice all thats needed.

Rommen dufter godt af vanilie og karamel. Starter med en eksplosion af smagsnuancer, som stikker i mange spændende retninger, men smagen når desværre at dampe af inden, man når at nyde det hele i fylde drag. Kunne godt få 9, hvis eftersmagen blev hængende. Kan godt anbefales til begyndere.

Nose: Pineapple, cinnamon, caramel
Taste: The pineapple comes strong, then vanilla and spices, toffee. Just the right amount of sweetness.
Finish: Quite long and spicy with a good amount of oak.
Overall: You cant go wrong with this rum, very pleasant sipper.