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Ale vůbec nezklamalo, lehká citrusová chut, trochu tabák, sud, za tu cenu přijatelný

Decent rum, I've been enjoying it on the rocks and the ice balances it out some. Drinking it straight it is a little peppery and almost has a slight cardboard taste. I'm sure it would be a good mixing rum.
Update: had to raise the score on this one. It makes an amazing rum and coke!

Nice rum finished at cognac barrels. Typical taste of raisins.

The nose of this is slightly astringent with hints of oak, tobacco and citrus. The taste deflects all of this but it doesn't wow me like the XO. I believe this would be best mixed in certain cocktails. Ex. Cuba libre

Kaniche Reserve er en sødlig og krydderret rom, til en fornuftig pris.

typical plantation style. barbados fine rum with notes of sugar and fruit. half dry, i think. smooth, fine and a pleasure, if you like it sweet! :) for me it´s more pleasure to taste something like the mount g black barrel.

Not a bad rum. Amber in color and has a very nice aroma. The flavor is sweet...apparently not as sweet as their XO...and has a vanilla/caramel/toffee mix with a dash of cinnamon to the flavor along with a slight oakiness to it. No real burn but a nice warmth that coats the throat. A nice rum altogether that would qualify as a sipping rum if you like sweet rums and qualifies as a mixing rum as well. Quite versatile. I recommend using this with mixed drinks calling for bitters or even hot sauce (like a rum-based version of a Bloody Mary).

Smooth and a definite vanilla taste but for $17 a bottle this is a very nice sipping rum.

Il se voit bien sec sans glace. Légère sensation de brûlure sans plus.

Wasn't sure what to expect. Was suggested by clerk. Smooth but nothing stood out.

Just tasted this rum yesterday and I was happily surprised at how good it tasted. Very nice coloring and taste.

This rum is both sweet and spicy (cinnamon?) and also very smooth. That's because it's been sweetened with sugar. I prefer the drier Bajan rums, the ones without added sugar. This rum is produced by the Plantation people, makers of many sugared rums.

Må starte med denne og se om den er noget for mig, og er den det, så kommer storebror snart i skabet også :)

I picked up a bottle of this while in Florida (at a leading liquor store chain) based solely on an employee recommendation via a sign on the shelf promoting it as a good buy ($17 plus tax). On the slightly sweet side with vanilla notes, not bad for price. This rum has grown on me and I've found it makes a great rum and tonic. Upgraded my rating since my original review.

easy drinking straight or with water...nice finish

La première fois que j'ai gouté ce rhum (qu'on m'a offert), je n'ai senti que l'alcool et ne lui ai trouvé aucun goût particulier..
A la seconde dégustation quelques temps plus tard, le goût était totalement différent (ça le fait avec beaucoup de rhums) et il fait dorénavant parti de mes rhums favoris ! (si seulement c'était plus facile à trouver en France...)

Je conseille sec sans coca ni glaçons (moi je le bois dans un verre glacé).

Tres bien à la mise en bouche, mais est trop sur l alcool et reste peu en bouche

Decent sipper, could be smoother. Good with cola and a lime.

Ok sød, dejlig krydret med et lille bid i. God eftersmag.

Very spirited, but surprisingly mellow mouth feel. A tasty sipper.